How to Transfer Entourage Files to Microsoft Outlook


All the devoted Mac users can remember the times when the Microsoft Office for Mac was released with the Entourage email client. It contained email, calendar, task list, notes, and other features. However, in 2008, it was replaced by Outlook, making many people confused by this fact. Even though you have probably changed the email client, various situations may stimulate you to revise the archive files and transfer them in the relevant format. How to do that? Let’s find the answers.

MS Outlook Useful Features

MS Outlook is truly a powerful email tool, so migrating Entourage to Outlook is more than a beneficial decision, which you can easily implement thanks to Here are some non-obvious features of this monster that you might find useful:

  1. Letter preview: you can see the sender’s address, subject, and the first line of the text.
  2. Main mailbox: if you have several accounts in Outlook, you can select one as the main one, so the relevant folder opens when the mailbox opens;
  3. Delayed delivery: this feature allows you to write a letter now and send it later. Just indicate the time of sending and forget about the letter — it will be delivered without your participation;
  4. Quick actions: this is an incredibly powerful tool that can help you deal with large volumes of correspondence. This feature allows you to automate any sequence of actions and perform them with one click;
  5. Multiple windows: you can open multiple Outlook windows at the same time. This will allow you to view your email, calendar, and tasks on a large monitor without using the navigation buttons to switch between mail and calendar.

As you can see, MS Outlook has plenty of useful features that help it to stand out from the other mailing apps. Since Entourage was intended “to address an entirely different audience”, it turned out to be an outdated option for mailing.

How to Migrate from Entourage to Outlook

To perform easy and smooth migration between these two mailing clients, you need to use special software that will convert your archive correspondence from MBOX format to PST standalone file. This is usually a matter of minutes and is done automatically. The only thing that remains to do is to transfer files from one app to another. You can do it with the help of a USB stick or any convenient Cloud service.

In Conclusion

When changing a working place, Mac users may be confused by a requirement to migrate from Entourage to Outlook. However, this is not a difficult issue anymore, since you know what you get in the end. Choose only reliable software developers and make sure that your files will be safe. Good luck!


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