Strategies to Defeat the Pandemic


The influence of the Contagion Covid19 has been inflicting the tragic and rapid augmentation in the fatalities by each passing day. The federal government took the pandemic lightly and lifted the lockdown and smart lockdown. Hence, the Pakistan has become fifteen worst-hit country by the corona virus in the world.

The consequences of the smart lockdown appeared jeopardizing and people started violations and flouting of the safety protocols/SOP’s across the country. It is alarming that more than 4 thousand cases of the covid have now been surfacing daily throughout the country. Moreover, Selective lockdown over the hotspots of virus would be unsuccessful predictably and there is reason to believe the selective lockdowns disinfect the hotspots and mitigate the number of infectious people. The infected people, from the hotspots, daily meet their friends, colleagues and relatives, of those areas where there is no lockdown, the other people becomes infected and extend this virus to other people in lockdown free areas.

 The Government and district administrations with the collaboration of Senior Doctors Association has to adopt the workable strategies to defeat the pandemic as the WHO suggested the Punjab two weeks on and two weeks off lockdown. This intermittent lockdown should be placed in other provinces also. Whether, they should move back to the complete lockdown except the ban over the factories, import and export of the goods so that country could remain at the safe side from the downturns of the economy. Moreover, there should be the enforcement of preventive protocols/ SOP’s and if anyone breach the protocols, that person must be subjected to the strict penalties which is still unnoticeable by district Administrations.

The Pakistan has to adopt the case study of New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan and should adopt the identical measures to impose the national lockdown which is probably needed to ensure the population to keep the physical distancing behaviors to limit the spread and break the chains of transmission. Additionally, the lockdown has large social and economic cost and is likely to be tough for those with fewest resources, but our People who are agriculturists, tycoons, Industrialists can afford to feed the poor who faces the vicissitudes in their earnings amid of the lockdown.

Defeating global Pandemic has demonstrated the international success as well as failures. The leaders who have opted timely the toughest strategies have been able to decline the highest wave of Pandemic and have pulled out their countries much faster from the pandemic. It has no concerned with the wealth and population of the country, it’s the leadership and one’s capability to think clearly in times of crises that matter.

There is still time for the government to protect the country from this disastrous pandemic. The government has changed its flawed approach and show some leadership and clarity in the policy. Imposition of strict and complete lockdown is better policy to mitigate the range of infected people because saving lives are more important and that also help in boosting the revival of economy.

Ghulam Nabi Abbasi
Ghulam Nabi Abbasi
The writer is lawyer currently pursuing LL.M in (Commercial laws) from SZABUL Karachi. He keeps interest in history, literature, Political and Legal affairs. He can be reached at: ghulamnabiabbasi457[at]


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