The United States under Coronavirus Outbreak in Comparing with Normal Condition


The COVID-19 virus has been spreading on a large-scale which greatly increased the mortality rate in a wide geographic area in the world. The United States is the most affected country in the world based on published data. Therefore, the impacts of the coronavirus outbreak on different aspects of Americans’ lives during the lockdown are completely different than during the time before the pandemic. Consequently, the lockdown of the country in the pandemic period cause rising levels of unemployment and poverty among the American people. In comparison to the past, keeping the United States closed causes significant economic, social, and political disruption that It might be difficult to compensate them in the future.

Firstly, the most negative impact of the coronavirus outbreak is the worsening of economic conditions in the United States. Some estimates have shown the shutdown of the U.S. economy has caused dramatically dropping GDP levels. Most of the workplaces, factories, business centers, and markets have been closed across the country and also the Coronavirus pandemic hits United States international trades and manufacturing products. For this reason, economic loss is very huge due to the spread of the coronavirus.  However, in the United States before the Coronavirus outbreak the majority of workplaces were active and helped the country’s economy. The ongoing crisis is having a huge, devastating, and profound negative impact on the growth and development of the United States economy, which will require the implementation of fundamental manipulations in the future by the government. 

In addition, the coronavirus pandemic and spreading throughout the country affects Americans’ social lives in a variety of ways. Social interaction in the U.S. has been adversely affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. Face to face communication, social activities, and entertainment are less than the past normal conditions between the American people. People cannot meet each other like before and are social distancing and spend their time staying at home until they prevent the spread of the disease. On the other hand, lockdown and social distancing to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus have increased domestic violence in American families. Besides, dramatic changes have happened in people’s daily activities by closing the public area. Because of the public safety, American people cannot play outside; they do not go restaurants and prefer to eat at home; they do not have fun and entertainment, unlike during the period that the country was open. For this reason, during the Coronavirus pandemic, Americans’ social interaction has decreased, while the deteriorating situation has increased stress, anxiety, and depression rates in American society. 

Moreover, the Coronavirus outbreak also has had negative effects on the political dynamic in the United States. Politicians and government officials are less active during the quarantine period, unlike in normal situations. Additionally, the Coronavirus outbreak threatens democracy because of a lack of decision-making on the part of the lawmakers and a presidential executive order.  Also, political participation may be decreasing because the voters are staying at home and cannot vote for their candidates like in normal situations. Also, the candidates cannot reach their voters by holding the rallies and presidential campaigns. Besides, the spread of the contagious disease has increased political tension between members of the two main political parties and has developed friction between the president of the U.S. and some democratic governors. As a consequence, the ongoing crisis has had negative effects on the solidarity of the United States politicians. Therefore, the lack of unity and solidarity among them has made it difficult to resolve the crisis. Furthermore, many Americans might lose their right to vote if the current situation continues until the presidential election because they will stay at home, and the majority of people will be in quarantine.

In conclusion, the Coronavirus outbreak has been disrupting U.S. society at economic, social, and political levels. The new coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19, have had disruptive effects on the U.S. economy. Additionally, the disease outbreak has decreased American public social interaction and activities. Furthermore, the coronavirus pandemic has reduced political participation in American people and has affected solidarity between politicians. If scientists and institutions cannot find any solution to treat this illness, it will be difficult to return to normal conditions. Despite quarantine period difficulties, American people try to stay safe and they are combating Covid-19 with hope to have a better and healthy future free of infectious disease.   

Elchin Hatami
Elchin Hatami
Elchin Hatami is a human rights activist and was born in Azerbaijan, Iran, whose activities are mostly based on ethnic rights in Iran. He holds a master's degree in sustainable agriculture from the University of Tehran and currently lives in Chicago, USA.


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