Popular and Viral theories behind Corona Pandemic

Corona Virus is killing the humanity without any discrimination. Death rates are increasing day by day and the pandemic has been spread in almost all countries of our world.

Many conspiracy theories and rumors about Corona are quite famous these days. Social and print media is full of such assumptions. I wanted to share these theories with my readers just to present different popular and trending point of views.

One of the most famous theories is about technology revolution, expansion and ultimately some sort of detective or monitoring intentions. Some people believe that It is a preplanned drama which was planted by one or some powerful countries. They are installing 5-G towers around the globe. According to them the main purpose of these towers is to install detective devices and ultimately monitoring the people. They think that these towers are emitting powerful and hazardous radiation and thus killing the lives. I have seen many posts and videos on social media showing such content.  Many videos, clips and pictures of dead animals and birds can be seen on the media claiming that they were died due to these powerful and hazardous radiations. Even, I heard that several Telecom towers in different cities around the globe were attacked my angry mobs.

In some posts I saw that some influential countries and/or some influential personalities are working on some sort of preventive Vaccine for Corona. According to these posts some sort of microchips will be mixed in these vaccines .This vaccine will be provided to everyone in the world and thus the microchip will go inside the bodies. Again the reason behind it this is to monitor each and everyone.

The most popular and trending posts which I have seen on media say that actually Corona was planted or invented in Labs. Some influential and powerful countries, leaders and/or Friends are behind this drama. According to them it’s highly secret mission and only few influential people are aware about this. The purpose is just to prolong their power and regime by hiding the attention from all other issues. They say that if you look even at your own country of residence, you will clearly see that this claim is not baseless. All new election, accountability, Performance, bad governance, inflation and corruption etc issues are side lined and everyone has been forced to save his life first. According to this group it’s a preplanned drama and is just plotted to save them of killing the humanity. They say that this drama was created by very sharp and evil minds as Corona is spread by people to people interaction and it is highly recommended to adapt social distancing. According to this group if no one will meet with others means that no agitation & protest and this was what they wanted.

Some people say that it’s a beginning of a new world order. The whole world will change after the pandemic. Unemployment and poverty will be on peak during and after Corona. These issues will force the poor countries to rely and depend on rich countries. Anarchy will be increased and people will face worst issues of hunger, unemployment, poverty and law & order etc. Powerful countries will help the poor countries with strict conditions. There will be a give and take option for all countries so every country will have to be ready to lose a lot to get something.

Some people say that some countries invited Corona by mishandling and mismanagement. According to them those countries took it as a golden opportunity to divert the attention of people from other issues of those countries and to prolong their regime and authority. In some posts, I have seen that actually with other benefits these countries also wanted to get the foreign aid and money. According to this theory, these few countries planned to get more money and aid more number of causalities & patients and thus they hosted & welcomed the virus by their intentional mismanagement and bad governance.

According to some theories, it was staged and planted to destroy the economy of rival countries. Some others say  that this plan was prepared in order to sell medicines & vaccines and earn money.

Dear Readers, I just shared different popular views with you and none of these theories reflect with my point of view in reality. Apart from these assumptions and theories, I firmly believe that this pandemic is the killer of humanity and whole world should work together to fight with it.

We shouldn’t take it lightly. Serious and strict steps need to be taken to overcome this issue.  If strictness of few days or weeks can save our lives then we should go for it. It’s the time to take realistic and strict action rather than the policy of wait and watch.