COVID-19 is consuming the United Nations, probably?

The writing on the wall signifies COVID-19 fast consuming the United Nations ultimately. The increasing global infectiveness and disdainful global absence is hammering down the United Nations in both connotations of action and contemplation while the roaring pandemic keeps on engulfing lives in counts of hundreds each day worldwide. This inaction on part of the UN is adding precipitated strain while also consequently falling to the US apparatuses of suspicion and investigation. The unofficial American divorce and practical indifference towards steering the UN at this fateful juncture threatens whether UN would sustain the fatality or would it just be consumed by the lethal corona proteins.

Mr. Trump has scolded the WHO which no longer champions the US trust which also dismisses any proactive role of the organization towards COVID-19 successful global management henceforth. The United Nations Security Council is not considered worthwhile by the US at the moment as Washington is overwhelmed with crisis at home and it too has lost its elemental significance. The United Nations has always been driven by the US under the loads of its financial support and consequential global diplomatic outreach. A little of US indifference and disownment today has exposed the vacillating vulnerability of the United Nations and has firmly established that UN without US is nothing but a mirage.

Here is the take away for the world: This is what happens when a global organization grows in the power nursery and financial chest of a single world power.

Had there been any threat more existential than COVID-19, the history fails to provide anything similar in gravity and pervasiveness like that. History of the UN also fails to provide anything that amid such crisis of magnanimity; the meetings of the United Nations Security Council and General Assembly were not called upon as yet. An idle and silent United Nations today is making history unveiling its fickleness fast becoming itself a tale of antiquity. United Nations deceives the literal meaning of its own name today ending us with the co-equal adage of Untied Nations scattered around the world.  

Since its inception and until now, the role of UN has been dependent on who secured more functional funding for it. The highest bidder has the highest say in this house of so called Bourgeoisie thus living on the financial life span injected into it by external sources to be only later on used as means to emboldening and legalizing certain designs of the highest bidder without any legal or moral realizations testifying Noam Chomsky assessment of the UN that UN was functional unto the permitted limits dictated by the great powers of the world. The unchecked cash flow brought in a fattened bureaucracy within the rank and file of the UN that turned it in an organization of heavy consumption and little decisive yield.

The role of economics within the roots of UN made it a commercial rather than a humanistic organization able to speak for the bitter truth without any alignments. At various pretexts such as health, poverty and development, how much was really spent on these sectors and how much became part of the institutional bureaucratic spending and corruption and appeasing corrupt governments that it engaged with is a sad narration well scripted in the Graham Hancock’s landmark book, The Lords of Poverty, a whistleblower and an insider who informed us decades ago about the structural fault lines within the United Nations which we did not pay heed to and here we are today caught in criminal fuss. The fattening bureaucracy within the international organization rendered it wholly departing from its founding pillars of making the world a better place if not a heaven.

History fails to witness any significant contribution of the UN toward world peace and order. The one time war was clandestinely replaced by continuous and so called limited scale wars with the doctrine of divide, isolate and rule. This havocked death and destruction, hunger and poverty and weakened stable regions making them more vulnerable. The catalyst of United Nations through the agile reactants of hunger and poverty produced Globalization where rich turned richer and the poor poorer.  

This also provided for veiling from the world the sensibility to realize and assess the quantum of human death toll and subsequent elements of poverty, hunger and crimes reverberated of the so called limited wars. This absolved us once and for all of the moral condemnation of waging such wars siphoning out the spirit of making confessions.  At the same time, the power exerted by superpower and the allies remained focusing on building their artilleries and strengthening their offensive muscles rather than looking at the health facilities of their countries and people. Thus, the world recently saw a world super power going out of stocks of ventilators, safety garments and masks.

The breakaway of the US interest from the United Nations has leveled the significance of the organization to the ground. WHO at the moment is a good news agency reporting on statistics and making comments alone while the same time cooking conspiracy theories as regards curing the virus.

One of the COVID-19’s lessons amongst many others being left behind is that we have always been used to learning the arts of destroying human life and never learnt the art of preserving it. We are good at constructing back the bombed and shelled cities of concrete and inject the insulin of freedom by throwing warring regimes and installing peaceful ones, but we never learnt the art of treating every person as and where he was. The role of United Nations has almost died amid this crisis and its response failure has shown how drastic changes are required within the mainframe of United Nations which has become the aristocratic group of fattening bureaucracy with high consumption and less yield.

Muhammad Jahangir Kakar
Muhammad Jahangir Kakar
Civil Servant and independent analyst freelancing based in Quetta, Balochistan