Coronavirus: A New Threat to Humanity

Authors: H.Miloud Ameur& Hamadouch Abed

Coronavirus is spreading in  many countries and societies in the world. These countries do not find the medicine to hinder its proliferation everywhere. Therefore, laboratories agents are working day and night to find the anti-virus.

Nowadays, countries need to cooperate and unite to face the dangerous of this pandemic. However, it seems that each state is working alone to get the anti-virus so that to demonstrate its power. The matter is power, but the’ realist realm’ does not work here because many people are dying every day.

Coronavirus becomes a serious issue because all the states, namely those in which the disease is highly spread among people. Chemists and laboratories agents have not found  the medicine, yet. So, governments followed a strategy to prevent the proliferation of this disease. Quarantine is the preventive strategy since it stops contamination and therefore it is the best solution for all human societies.     

Economically speaking, all states are facing an economic crisis since the states close the borders so hinder the potential cases through contamination. ‘’Stay home, stay safe’’.  The economic implications of this disease are detrimental not only to public health system but also to trade, food , travel, agriculture, and industries. States that rely a lot on importation of food will suffer a lot if the disease continues.

Consequently, this epidemic has a great impact on the relations among states. This point  returns us to  the old conception of nation – state like sovereignty, borders and citizenship, etc. Outside of public health, the world has a lot of problems from medicine to other levels regarding each company.

Thus, the description of Coronavirus explains the limitation of degree about human conscience and the development of heart in the world. But this characteristic of this contradiction of Man in  21 the century  has many difficulties between the states, peoples and societies. The big problem isn’t only contamination of people who died, but what is the function of the conscience in everyone’s society and his contribution in the world?

From the Relations Internationals (RI) NOW to the New International Order TOMORROW

Coronavirus is typically is a dangerous epidemic which the humanity does not recognize the same ravaged of dead without the classic war’s and fear in the world.

This new challenge involves both the international system and public polities to impose a new solution. This one is the wish of the entire world because we have arrived at a difficult point  of public management  order as well as global governance. 

The characteristic of this disease had created a terrible shock but also a global fear. But, that one can invest by the influential forces in order to found another Foreign policy among states and a new International Order. This point is very important, the power center will be transformed from the West toEast. After this rupture of the relations inside and outside states. The USA as the superpower hasn’t a solution for this pandemic.

The same example for European Union, Asia and Africa. Can this isolation of each individual from the order create an atmosphere of solidarity and cooperation among states?

Whatever, nobody in the 21 century is protected from all the epidemics and wars when we compare the health to many difficulties in the world: Evolution or degradation?

This point can be developed for another sector in the world. This point takes it seriously. After this, I’m not sure, but probably to propagation is a threat of Coronavirus, the limit of its increase threat when the number of dead persons will be augmented.

It’s a moment of changing the system for the states than societies because is characteristic a challenge reflects this crisis which this epidemic in the world.

Naturally, this situation is a matter of unity, dialogue, and solidarity. States that will strive to find the anti-virus will succeed to emerge as superpowers.