All You Need To Know About Car Trial Attorneys

At some points, an individual would require the service of a trial lawyer – be it a pedestrian, cyclist, motorcyclist, or motorist. Accidents are inevitable. However, every driver, cyclist, and pedestrian alike ensure to maintain road safety rules the best way they can. Notwithstanding, when it happens, the individuals involved must find ways to resolve whatever damages and injuries that may arise from such an incident. Sadly, not many people know the legal approach to take after being involved in an accident.

Most times, the parties involved try as much as possible to exonerate themselves from being responsible for the outcome. This leads to a series of court appearances, investigations, paper works, and many more daunting processes, which can be unbearable to an individual. Finally, whoever has more legal grounds ends up getting claims for damages. As appalling as it may sound, not everyone who wins a case is actually innocent of whatever accidents that may have occurred. What happens when an innocent driver finds him or herself on the wrong side of an accident case? What happens when an innocent pedestrian has to bear the full cost of her medical bills just because she has no legal backing?

For this reason, there is a need to have a trial attorney. One of the best ways to be protected is to adhere to all road safety rules. Another way is to ensure that you have proper insurance coverage. Asides from having an insurance company, you need an accident lawyer that will protect you whenever you get involved in an accident. The role of an accident lawyer is to interpret the law guiding accident-related cases and to ensure that justice is served. Accident lawyers fight for the rights of affected car accident individuals and help them secure compensations that will cater for whatever expenses they will have to make.

Using San Diego, California as an example, the rate of accidents that occurred in 2014 was pegged at over 19,000 cases. During that same year, the number of car crash injuries and fatalities were as follows:

  • Total Cases: 19,236
  • Alcohol-related accidents: 2,233
  • Motorcycle-related accidents: 1,470
  • Accidents involving pedestrians: 1,223
  • Accidents involving cyclists: 1,059

Injuries Sustained In Accidents

It is important to note that all body parts are prone to be affected by an auto accident. Although, in some cases, lives are being saved. However, the injuries sustained may be life-altering. Here are some of the injuries that are prone to arise from car and bike accidents:

  • Head injuries or traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Internal injuries
  • Dislocation and broken bones

Road accidents can also cause other types of injuries which can be emotional or psychological in nature. Most of the time, one of the individuals involved in the accident may turn out to have been reckless. In this case, the victim involved need to get compensated by the other driver or the driver’s insurance company. To begin with, the individual affected need to contact an ideal and reputable car accident lawyer that will help facilitate such claims. There are several car accident attorneys that can be contacted. If you would like to find out how you can get in touch with one, please visit this link: Gomez Trial Attorneys.