From Inkheart to Corona’s Global Lock Down


It was before the World Wars when Man last witnessed organic global peace and order. After that, it has been continuous controlled wars, artificial disorders, and fake human reclamations. Not a moment of human freedom and liberty can be said to have been enjoyed by Man after that except for the current Corona moments of global peace un-interfered by the powerful countries of the world when the globe is locked down and the manual mechanizations of global powers have ceased for a while. It is every country living for itself and that brings us the angel of peace along with the demon of death.

These are crucial fatal times for the survival of human species. But over the long history of homosapiens, what has come out true is rather encouraging Dr. Ellis Silver hypothesis that Man does not belong to planet Earth and was rather transported here by aliens to behave his warring self. Our treatment towards our own planet has ever been to the ends of rendering it extinct rather than injecting life into it. We have been the gods of wars, the undertakers of human lives and the ultimate kings of global disorder. That is the long and short of our recent history so why now to blame all to COVID-19!

More than one hundred thousand people have so far died of Corona and the count is staggering. Who cares anymore of the encirclement of Pacific by the claimant China, the pompous US Presidential elections, the Syrian crisis with the troika of Russia-ISIS-Turkey, the Pak-India South Asian political thaw, the Putin’s desire to be Czar till life and it seems the geopolitics have become irrelevant as of this Corona moment.

But strangely we are experiencing the solemn bliss of global peace and tranquility as Corona locks down the world and put the powerful bullies in their dens. Man is fantasizing wildly what if we could keep the globe locked down for a little more while and enjoy the serenity of global peace and order short of falling human lives of COVID-19?

Power brings influence which should be patronized by responsibility that was the norm that died off at the end of the 19th century. The dawn of 20th century brought in new ideas which have evolved into unavoidable monsters of 21st century. Corona is the season of confessions. The big powers of the world must confess that they are responsible for the inorganic global disorder for political and economic hegemony, and national supremacy. They must confess they are the gods of hunger, insecurity, poverty in the world through their exploitative anti human policies and designs. They must confess they are the harbingers of clash of civilizations at the expense of Man’s dignity of existence and persistence.

Sadly, we are not hearing confessions and so continue the brawl of who engineered the virus, how to withstand economic loss and how to regain global hegemonic power rather than attending the call of nature which is saving humanity of this deathly squad of COVID-19. Nature is pushing us hard to fall back in love with life but we are stagnant around our larger than life egos when it is time to stand by dignity of Man.

The story of the world written in the post World War season has been one scripted in human agony and pain. In writing so, the influential writers used the brazen possible jargon ever heard by Man not even in his State of Nature. The political and economic plot so penned down is the reflective depiction of the sick brains of the influential powers of the world beginning an era of global maniacs. But all their mechanizations have been abruptly halted by the Corona cronies. Are they resting for a while to re-write once the pandemic withers away? Are they worried of the dissipation of the artificial shield of global terror over the Man’s existence and worrying the Man seeing the clear blue skies that lay beyond fake shield created by these hunger mongers? Are they worried their designs of fake politics and unruly economics would fail should the season of global silence by Corona get a little longer? Are they worried of loss of human lives due to Corona or are they worried for vaccine to come fast as to enable Man to further live as victim to their atrocities?

There is another possibility too. Perhaps a writing tragedy just happened and some evil character which these writers of global influence were scripting just got loose of words and adopted a real life form, named Corona. Mortimer in the Inkheart did try to stop the evil characters coming to the world of Man but our writers of influence did not make that arrangement maybe because they were unable to do so or maybe it is still part of their Grand Man Game. The story teller is as much amazed as much shocked is the story writer while all the burnt is being born by the virtual prisoner to their designs, the Man.

Muhammad Jahangir Kakar
Muhammad Jahangir Kakar
Civil Servant and independent analyst freelancing based in Quetta, Balochistan


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