Pakistan Fights Coronavirus Abnormally


For the different names and signs of Crona, the signs have pushed the world into a deep well of fear. Someone is translating it into English. In some Hebrew, the world has made the world a dark room, where everything looks horrible and scary. It is called Carona, or calling, calling, calling. The basic unit of the Talmud confirms that a disease is coming, which will separate humans from humans. The English word COVID is also argued. If all these things move forward with exception, the epidemic that shook the global market and superpower roots like China has turned its way towards all corners of the world. In the first wars, there were exercises for sacrifices, but in this war, it has to be said that it is training. With the climate of more than 200 countries, 1512052 people got virus. But the mystery disease covers a few hours. 

So far, 88350 people have become immortal. From 15 million to 329751 people has become ghazi’s rank (vectors) in this field. With this, 48016 people’s concern is that it can not be difficult to get rid of it. The first (435128) number is with the United States super power in the global air war. The virus is becoming stronger than the virus. All countries with technology and nuclear weapons are ahead of it. The knees have jumped in the field to kneel and support the most expensive rings of their economy. The US, approved the most expensive budget in its history to beat $22 trillion. The world was so proud that all countries closed their air, land and sea routes.

In this race, Pakistan also joined on February 26, 2020 when a citizen entered the border with Iran. Public transportation is found more than other borders on this border, because Shia people travel to the place of Karbala through Iran for visitors. After China, Iran was suffering from this disease thousands of visitors were standing in front of the interior doors of Pakistan. The first case spread a wave of concern within the provincial governments with government members. The lack was showing an increase in the anxiety of the higher authorities. But one of the charismas of power was that in 23 days less than 1,000 people were affected, while the number reached thousands in the United States and China. 

After a month, the number reached about 1600. Pakistan was divided into seven parts regionally, in which the number of confirmed cases in Punjab is 2171, sindh 1036, Khyber pakhtunkhwa 560, gilgit-baltistan 213, balochistan 212, Islamabad 102 and azad Kashmir have registered 28 cases. According to the government database, confirmed cases 4322, the number of healthy patients are 572 and the number of worried people is 31. The number of people who are living in poverty is 63. The number of people working in the daily wages is limited to home. All sources of trade and global transportation have been closed. The government has stopped the country to prevent it .I understood the lockdown as a result of which the spread of the virus was considerably lower than other countries. 

The positive case on the border of Tiftan created such a wave of fear that life took place in the snow. The people who were surrounded by people were also looking for food. The streets of the desert business became a jam. All the businesses were stuck except for food items.The Pakistani economy has suffered a loss of 30 billion Pakistani rupees. The country’s deficit of $180 to 185 million is also in view of the lockdown. The deficit is touching the sky, but 13 million people will lose jobs. 3 to 5 million people will suffer structural unemployment. 

The rate of unemployment will increase by 45-50 percent. In this war from the house to the youth, everyone is divided into the next front. From the crowd to the mosques, the ban was applied. The people of the army and the police vehicles are forcing the people to stay confined to the houses. After the implementation of section 144, the market is deserted and the human being is showing trouble. To avoid the shortage of food, the government has approved the budget of the largest country of 1200 billion.Which includes deserving and working on daily wages. In the foreign aid, Pakistani friend China took the most part. $40 million was announced by the government of China. With 12000 test kits, 30000 fee masks and 10000 safety suits are also included. 

The social worker and alibaba foundation sent 50 thousand test kits and 50 thousand masks to the Pakistani people. $4 million Chinese aid will be spent on establishing hospitals and qarntina centers and completing medical accessories. In view of the situation, the Pakistani nation’s war along with Karina Empty stomach and salafis are also from masters who look at their facebook or twitter account information in exchange for a mask in street coaches, where they are seen to be stopped to take help with the poor. 1 crore 20 lakh families will be sponsored for rs 4,000 a month. You have to use the network 3 times for government assistance, you have to spend about 7 to 8 rupees for this stage yet 4 Rs 30 lakh 44 thousand 60 SMS has been received. 

The amount collected by using the network is rs. 30 crore 34 lakh 8 thousand 4 hundred 20 rupees.Tiger force registration is also ongoing by the government to take care of it, which will provide free services for the care of krona virus patients. To provide free services, 7 lakh 93 thousand young people have become a part of the tiger force, which has become a part of Punjab 4 lakh 94 thousand. Without caring for life in this troubled condition of the nation and nation, everyone has stood up to give birth to the elderly. The completion of the Muslim faith is due to the pain of suffering from pain. The boat is the support of the ummah.


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