Tips on creating a homeschooling environment for kids during coronavirus outbreak

As the new coronavirus has spread across the globe, schools have been closed to take precautionary measures so as to stop the spread of COVID-19 or to expose one self to this virus. For this reason, schools are encouraging parents to develop home-schooling environment for kids where they can learn with fun along with their parents. Kids should be made aware of personal hygiene importance instead of making them feel panic.

Here are some tips for parents to develop home-schooling environment:

Call a family meeting:

Parents should hold a meeting with all the family members and make their kids well aware of the situation going on across the globe, they should inform kids that this is not a vacation time but they have to study at home in the meantime.

Make a schedule:

Many well-structured Schools have provided the homework schedule and related content. Therefore parents should make a daily schedule chart and ask kids in the morning that these task he had to complete at the end of the day. Schedule should be made in such a way that kids should not feel tired.

Make learning Fun:

Apart from just giving them books and notebooks, engage your kid in activities-based learning. Talk about the interest of the kids use paints or visual material to make them engaged. Also keep a board and marker with your kids so that they can write on it. While engaging the kids in visual learning make sure they don’t watch the screen for more than 40 minutes!

Take breaks:

Home schooling does not mean that kid has to study for continuously, your kid needs a break just like we need a break from work. Give himtime to relax and play.

Give incentives:

Just like in school teachers give incentives like they ask kid to do some work and after that they will give them playdough or blocks to play. Give little incentivesto motivate your kid to focus on his work because he will also be getting something in return.

Motivation and appreciation is the key:

If your kid is not willing to work talk with them about what can make them a star child and a shining kid in the eyes of everyone. Also make sure to appreciate them even on the little good work they have done.

Reading and Story lessons:

While making the schedule keep in mind that you don’t miss the important things like reading and story lessons. Engage your kid in reading stuff and also make them read or watch stories with different moral lessons for help you can use YouTube channels with kids’ content. Encourage them to read with phonics with their siblings as well.

Wrap up meeting:

Just like a morning meeting also call a wrap up meeting at the end of the day and ask the kid what they have learnt and which way was more interesting for them. Also ask the kid about their choices that what they want to learn first.

Make your kids learn with Fun!

Rameen Khan
Rameen Khan
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