Delhi Riots: Civil War inevitable


Indian Capital New Delhi is burning, the worst riots in the history of 7 decades, till last up-date around 2 dozens Muslim lives have been lost, with around 200 injured, some of them are in a critical situation. These figures may increase when precise reports will be compiled. Mobs of Hindu extremists RSS youth are looting, burning houses of Muslims, Killings Muslims indiscriminately. Muslims were asked to remove their pants in a humiliating manner, to identify them as Muslims are circumcised. Police are watching but not prevention anyone. It seems the Government Machinery is involved in a well-planned manner. It has been witnessed for the last third consecutive days. There is no sign of an end to ongoing targeted killings of Muslims. The unrest is centered around Muslim-majority neighborhoods – such as Maujpur, Mustafabad, Jaffrabad and Shiv Vihar – in north-east Delhi. All this was happening when the US president Trump was on his maiden visit to India and the International Media was focused on India.

The clashes first broke out on Sunday between protesters for and against a controversial citizenship law. The Discriminatory new Citizenship Act 2019 was passed in December 2019, preventing Muslims from Indian Nationality. It was natural that under a democratic country, people stage protests, agitate and record their reservations. Muslims being a victim of the new legislation, utilizing their basic democratic right, launched peaceful protests, rallies, and agitations throughout the country. Indian Government instead of addressing their genuine concerns, opted for use of force to suppress their basic human rights. India suspending Mobile Phone services and Internet Services. Arrested the leadership, detained the prominent Muslims, and killed out-numbered. Burned their houses, damaged their businesses, raped women, and kidnapped kids. Excessive use of force proved counterproductive. Instead of containing protests, the agitation gained momentum. The last three days riots reached a climax and Delhi looks like a battleground. Photographs, videos, and accounts on social media paint a chilling image of the last few days – of mostly Hindu mobs beating unarmed men, including journalists; of groups of men with sticks, iron rods and stones wandering the streets; and of Hindus and Muslims facing off. Mosques have been vandalized in the riots. Torn pages from the Koran are strewn outside the building. The streets are littered with stones and shattered glass, broken and burnt vehicles are strewn about, and the stench of smoke from buildings fills the air. The whole city is burning.

Top Opposition leader from Indian Congress Party Sonia Gandhi has called for the resignation of Home Minister Amit Shah, saying he is “responsible” for the violence. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has described the situation as “alarming” and demanded the army to be called in.

Muslims are fleeing in a fear of more riots and leaving their houses, properties and belonging behind on the mercy of Extremist Hindus RSS. Muslims are pushed to the wall and their lives are under serious threat.

It is worth mentioning that Muslims who ruled Delhi for almost 800 years, never influenced the local Hindus to convert into Islam. As a result, Delhi is still a non-Muslim majority city. But overall there are 250 million Muslims in India, 150 Million Sikhs, around 100 Million Christians and around a big majority of low caste Hindus, especially un-touchable. The population of extremist Upper Caste Brahman Hindus – RSS is not more than 15%. But unfortunately, they have hijacked the Indian Government. In politics, they gained an absolute majority, in Media they dominate, in Government Jos, they dominate, in Education, they dominate, in Business, they Dominate, in Security forces, they Dominate.

Under such extreme situations, Minorities may take arms and protect their lives and right. A civil war is inevitable, which may lead to the disintegration of India. India was never a united country and always divided nations and ruled by foreigners, either by Muslims or Christians. The time has reached that India may be further divided and Muslims, Sikhs, Dilates, Naga Land, Moa’s and other insurgents get freedom. When the injustice crosses all limits, the aggressor must be ruined. It is a law of nature and has been witnessed many times in history and India will be another example.

Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan
Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan
Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan, Sinologist (ex-Diplomat), Non-Resident Fellow of CCG (Center for China and Globalization), National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan.


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