Kashmir will further exacerbate regional stability

Continuity of democracy in Pakistan came with a price that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf(PTI) government inherited financial crisis from the previous regime. Indian PM Narendra Modi always seeks attention of his people by chanting some anti-Pakistan slogans or praising the outcome of his policies. But the annexation of Kashmir by revoking article 370 and 35-A.India has committed violation of its own constitution. It was done slyly by BJP government but the reaction was obvious among parliamentarians, civil society activist, international media and sane voice rising from within India. But Narendra Modi government did not stop here, it passed a controversial Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) that seeks a fast-track citizenship to Sikhs, Christians, Parsis, Jains and Hindus who fled from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan. India’s second largest population is of Muslims. In this CAA Muslims were not considered which is tantamount to the violation of Indian constitution as well as its secular nature. Another reason is that BJP government wants to malign Pakistan that even Muslims are persecuted in Pakistan religiously.

Indian youth took out to the streets demanding roll-back of such discriminatory law which treats people differently because of their religion. Nationwide protests in India caused havoc on Indian economy which was smooth before such misadventures moves of BJP.Even Indian Supreme Court came forward on the issue of internet-lockdown in Kashmir which the BJP government is unable to justify in 21st century. In the aftermath if protests in Jamia Millia Islamia and Jawaharlal Nehru University including other parts of India, whatever damages were made to public property, the notices for recovery were sent to rich Muslims families which they termed it as willful targeting of Indian Muslims by BJP government. Narendra Modi was the CM of Gujrat when he faced travel ban from the United States because of his involvement in the massacre of innocent Muslims there but after his victory in 2014 the US lifted travel ban from him because he was elected as the prime minister of India. His political track record is full of hate and violent politics. He continues to amass support from right-wing masses because of frequently posed threats to Pakistan.

International mainstream media is reporting latest situation from Kashmir but because of India’s strategic partnership with the US, UK, France, Russia and various developed countries, no strong reaction is coming. All these strategic partners issued travel advisory to their citizens because of the violent protests in India but no concrete measures were taken to ease the life of Kashmiris. Narendra Modi is set to visit Brussels to attend bilateral summit but the European parliamentarians have postponed brining resolution on lockdown of Kashmiris. The draft resolution had been brought by six influential groups representing 626 of 751 members of the European Parliament.

The resolution was deferred by the European Peoples’ Party which is a right-wing party. It is interesting to note for the readers that how much Modi’s influence is on right wing party even outside of India. Even one of the most sane voices of India Anna Hazre who is an icon of anti-corruption has confessed that BJP used me to win-2014 Lok Sabha Elections. He went on to say that “Prime Minister Narendra Modi is only misleading the people of the country and leading the country to autocracy”. As BJO government returned to power with more stronger mandate, it was required to move forward with economic reforms, creating jobs for youth and most importantly stabilizing peace and stability. India needs to create jobs for 1.2 million new entrants to the labour market every month but the unemployment rate has hoot four decade high. Instead of fixing such challenges, BJP government has new plans to make extremists happy. By selling anti-Pakistan politics, BJP is doing worse to its own people. That hatred has penetrated into its own institutions where Muslims of India have risen to discrimination. But Narendra Modi’s unilateralism on Kashmir has set India and Pakistan to the path of confrontation. This confrontation will cost more. Narendra Modi has taken his second term and most likely next election will be won by Indian National Congress. Narendra Modi will be leaving RSS-extremism behind to continue his legacy. Indian diasporas at London, New York and other European countries is worried about India’s image that has been distorted by BJP’s extremist policies and brutalities in Kashmir. Until the Kashmir issue is resolve in the light of United Nations Security Council Resolutions, peace is unlikely between India and Pakistan.

Dr. Musarat Amin
Dr. Musarat Amin
Dr.Musarat Amin is currently serving as an Assistant Professor at the department of defence and diplomatic studies, she completed her PhD from Jilin University China and recently did her post-doctoral fellowship from the London School of Economics and Political Science United Kingdom (2017-2018).She has also been the SUSI scholar at Bard College New York (2017) on US foreign Policy. Dr.Amin also received UN-Scotland funded 1325 fellowship at Beyond Borders Scotland. She has widely published in national and international peer reviewed journals.She is a current affairs analyst with national media and also hosts a current affairs show Jaiza and perspective on radio Pakistan. Her area of expertise includes peace and security in South Asia, counter-terrorism and violent extremism in Pakistan. She has conducted workshops in conflict transformation of Kashmir issue.Dr. Amin through her volunteers (university students) is actively engaged in community work to promote awareness about women rights in Islam and UNSCR-1325.