Romancing with Hindutva

It is not obscure anymore that BJP and Mr. Modi share devotion towards implementing Hindutva across India and will go to every extent to do so. Delhi has now become a center of rift between Hindutva nationalists and the Indian patriots. Unfortunately, this has affected the economy which India had established in decades but was at the disposal of BJP and Mr. Modi. The shovel of Hindutva is digging the grave to bury the long cherished Indian romance with Democracy. There are new rulers now and their paws clap at the death of Indian democracy.

The world can see that Muslims are on the crosshairs of BJP and they take the shot whenever they want. The social crevices created by BJP has brought India to its knees but the Center is stubborn to impose its diabolic understanding of Hindu fundamentalism.  Even though many chief ministers have denied beinga party to CAB and its implementation, the BJP government approved funds for population registration and the voyage continues.

The damage has already been done; the divide has been created and it will have long lasting repercussion for India. Legislative nuking on India will  shake the social tectonic plates of India. Moreover, if the situation prevails it clearly will create an Undoable effect on differences between not only Hindus and Muslims but among every minority which will escalate in the days rather in months. Even if the situation gets  settled which does not seem to be a possible outcome, there still will remain a sense of ambiguity in Muslims that what their future would look like. The imminent threat to India’s social fabric is BJP and its fundamentalist ideas. Although it is late, as it had created what it deemed, it seems that Modi-led BJP will only go further in their “Holy pursuit”.

Where many Chief Ministers have denied implementing the NRC, the land of Yogi Adityanath UP is threating the protestors to confiscate their properties in the backdrop of damage done to the structure by the protestors. Here it is important to mention that he is the same Yogi Adityanath who openly called Muslims a “virus”.

Rather than taming the situation in the sanest manner possible what BJP is doing is to create a situation of Civilian Vs Civilian. Mass protests are being staged in the favor of CAB and BJP with giving plenipotentiary power to the protestors to use violence. It appears to be failed attempt of BJP to hide from being direct perpetrators of violence using police. The internment camps are being constructed in order to “de-radicalize” the Muslims.

Keeping this in mind that Modi and his flock have not lifted curfew in its administered Kashmir it should be clear that BJP would not be willing to demoralize its fundamentalist militia by any move of revoking the CAB. Henceforth, the situation in India only seems to be worsening with the passage of time. Mr. Modi will climb any heights of hatred in order to protect his idea of hindufying the Indian society. The Shackles of Hindutva have grasped the Indian society and it will keep taking leaps of debacle in the lead of Modi and Amit Shah. So far, many human lives have been sacrificed in BJP’s lust and it has been foretold that more will be victimized given the rebellion of Indian masses. Moreover, cities like UP are facing major cyber blackout.

Sub-continent has been shaken by the Modi mode and if considerable measures are not taken by the International community, BJP’s action will likely to intensify. There was a time when India has constantly blamed us for being a volatile nuclear state and accused Pakistan’s nukes can be dangerous for the world. However, given the current stage of events, the question still remains on south Asian nuclear missiles, but the only difference is now its India and Modi madness has made South Asian border lines a nuclear hotspot.

India needs action in right direction or there will not be enough time to mourn while Mr. Modi romances with Hindutva.

Syed Nasir Hassan
Syed Nasir Hassan
Syed Nasir Hassan is working as a Research Associate at Islamabad Institute of Conflict Resolution (IICR). He is a student of Conflict & Peace Studies.