Hirak’s in Algeria between the Continuous and the End


Next  month, in  February 2020 , the Hirak in Algeria will reach one year . The celebration of this event (49 weeks) has  two main hypotheses: 1. The Algerian political regime witnesses  a crisis of State after the resignation of the former president Abed el Aziz Bouteflika.2. The Evolution of Algerian society  and the young people who are  influenced by the digital  revolution.

   Fundamentally, the political question in Algeria is very important if we think about the impact of its passage with the public policy about the national state. This one hasn’t a big experience like many states in the world. But this point explains the evolution of legitimacy crisis about the society project. The position of political position of the Algerian government presided by the first minister Noureddine Bedoui has not  enough the time and experience needed to resolve this political crisis.

  Seriously, this Government has not been accepted by the Hirak because the military decision didn’t maintain its position about the security and the stabilization in the country. 

In this moment, I can  debate this crisis nature of political regime about the national state but the problematic of stability and development has  a direct impact on Algeria . This point is very important if we focuson democracy , individuals and free election.

Another question we can ask is : what’s the Hirak’s ? It has here multiples origins like for example  the opposition  failed and the absence of Parliamentary Representatives of  the people. This situation contributes to create a deep chain between political power and society.

The Hirak’s conception explains the political crisis when it excludes all political towards social openness. The Hirak movement is not  like a revolution because in history, the FLN (National Liberation Front) was combated against French colonialism. But the Hiark’s can not be compared to the Tunisian Revolution in the Arabic world.

What’s the nature of the Hirak? Especially, since many months of protest by many people of the enormous popular movement after the national independence of Algeria. But the big problem is a duality of corruption and mismanagement during of Bouteflika’s regime. After one year, Algerian state  is outside political opposition, this society takes another suffering by a new legitimacy and president of Republic. The question that we can pose is: after one year of Hirak what’s the result of this movement ? Many questions  one can be asked,  but we have not  time and place to explain all this here. The duality of little political experience and corruption are the causes of the Hirak. The National State in Arab area after the Arabs revolution explains  globally this situation. But we can explain other processes that   the building of state has not been achieved this panorama.

Of course, the Algerian society and the Popular Army characterizes the power of Algerian state in which  the former president  has  played a significant role of a stability of regime. The Army is the power that imprisoned many and several symbols corrupt individuals. The desperation of 130 milliards dollars has degenerate the sense of corruption explained by the economic professor at Algeria’s university.

The failure of political opposition is only the way to correct a political regime without a solution by this one with problems of society. The Hirak goes from home at street in every Friday but the scholars at the same of every Tuesday . This point is very important if we seriously take its impact after twenty years of governance of Bouteflika’s regime. The passage of achieved the State of Law and rights by the constitution is a big political battle of the social power in History. The message is transferred to the elite around a public debate in society about a solution for the State. The central problem is not in the Hirak but in his treatment by the government of Algieria. I think of this Hirak’s movement without corrupt and corrupters are a very question on state about its strategy and political public after 57 years ago. It’s very important to insist on morality in political when the institutions find their role very seriously.

  Thus, the basic problem isn’t the corruption but is the signification of political regime. It’s normally to evocate it but about the context of the state who the fear take of many people of the future for their country. The corruption is a phenomena of the Management of the crisis’s of the regime. This point is very important why the president was absent on the political area. If the Algeria people by the Hirak’s have a big conscious they have had been voting for another president who in his program engage the mechanisms against corruption. 

  We are all seeing this difficulty of this passage accompanied by the Army institution for the presidential elections around the organized political in Algeria’s state. May be, the division of the people divided between who is with the elections and who is against. Why The Army is intervened in the left political? His role is fundamentally without any social force’s take a power in society. The political debate is very complex and strong if the elites, intellectuals and sociologies don’t take it seriously to study it about the approaches and theories.    

We really need a big debate around a building state because it’s the first institution to eliminate all this problems of society and he will be created a project from him. This equilibrium for the national strategy is very important after the half the century of time since the national independence. 

The Presidential election is it the first solution for the country? The Army institution considered the future of state is simultaneously like the same dangerous of its entity if the people do not voting for any president with convicted by the Army . This one presented five presidents who have same vision with ideological and political for Line monorail. The political concept in Algeria needs a cultural debate by elites and Scientifics at several universities. These choose need a time, ideas and project of society .Democracy is a battle around the building conception. Consequently, this mutation can be changed over time. Instead, the Algerian society will advance and evolve by the slogan like civil state, programs without Constitution, etc.

 But it’s really when we confirm this coordination about the absence of elite about corruption when the mismanagement poses  difficulties on state of Algeria. The Hirak’s is a directly a relation about this dilemma. The first problem is the management of this crisis of Hirak’s now . This situational policy particularly influenced many military (Kaid salah ) and civils (Abd Madjid Tebboune). The first represents the military institution ; the second is president of Algeria .

  Certainly , If this passage is a big difficulty, the Algerian state traverses an experience limited of the family of president Bouteflika . The political notion does not achieve a result for a coordination with society. This point is very important in political sociology in the North area of Africa when the elite, the science and state will be in  need of time, building and evaluation when we dispute not about the subject like Hirak’s or other, but we can  develop ideas and theories about this relation with state and society without  crises and dilemmas about the development or democracy for example.   Finally, we can as elite, researchers and teachers take this point very seriously without an immediate constant, but in the historical processes when the societies will be framed an earnest for a new political modality with economic and cultural unities that  the development is a problematic of state and a radicalism with society without a link with themes to resolve all problems and give solutions and programs for the future of country.


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