How many people were killed in recent protests in Iran?

As it was obvious from the beginning, a complex scenario, which had been designed long before to create unrest and insecurity in Iran, was began by exploiting legitimate protests.

The first phase of the scenario, which unfortunately caused a lot of damages, was aborted by people’s vigilance and intelligence.

After the end of this dangerous chaos, the foe has seriously been pursuing its second phase through its media outlets. 

This phase of scenario, which is based on “killing tactic” of the first phase, has been launched by biased and untrue news and information. 

The main actors of this part of the scenario are opposition media outlets which are directly and financially supported by sworn enemies of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

A quick glance at the opposition TV channels and personal accounts of the riot’s active elements on social media properly shows the extent of “psychological warfare” they are carrying out. 

The most important goals of the widespread psychological warfare in the second phase are as follow:

1.    Portraying a violent and anti-popular image of Iran to form human rights cases. 

2.    Creating a safe zone for armed thugs to disguise as people and keep plundering and committing crimes.  

3.    Breaking the bond between Iranian nation and government, and making people distrust the regime. 

4.    Intensifying maximum pressure strategy and preparing the ground to surrender and ultimately change the government.

The huge amount of rumors and false news are circulating with the keyword of “killing people”, without referring to the anti-security behavior of trained rioters. 

Officials announced that the casualties of police, Basij and IRGC forces were three times more than those of ordinary people, and armed thugs killed many people with hot and cold weapons that were not owned by armed forces.

Many visual evidence clearly indicates the extent of thugs’ savagery in attacking public and private places. 

At the same time, the opposition media outlets do not reveal the amount of vandalism caused by organized armed agitators. In fact, the news presented to the audience is completely biased. 

Attacking more than 50 military bases, attacking and firing 34 ambulances, 731 banks, 140 public places, 9 religious centers, 70 gas stations, 307 personal cars, 183 military vehicles, 1076 personal motorcycles, as well as killing some protesters are just a small part damages inflicted by the rioters. The interesting point is that the opposition media has not mentioned any of these acts of sabotage. 

No one denies the casualties of the dangerous riot, but one should not be allowed to change the place of criminals with the preservers of people’s security in public opinion. Of course, the Islamic Republic will seek revenge for organized armed thugs who killed innocent people. Undoubtedly, the thugs were being led by counter-revolutionary currents.

From our partner Tehran Times