Third British PM may be crucified over Brexit

Brexit is getting more twisted every day. It is obvious that Boris Jonson is spending hard days. He seems severely concerned about the political future of himself and his Conservative Party. 

On the other hand, the disagreement between the opponents and supporters of Britain’s departure from the European Union has culminated in recent days. 

Britain has recently announced that it will leave the EU on Oct. 31, despite an unsigned letter that the British prime minister was forced by parliament to send to Brussels. “We are going to leave by October 31. We have the means and the ability to do so,” Michael Gove, the minister in charge of no-deal Brexit preparations, told Sky News. 

He added, “That letter was sent because parliament required it to be sent … but parliament can’t change the prime minister’s mind, parliament can’t change the government’s policy or determination.”

It should be noted that Johnson asked the EU to delay the Brexit process. He also sent another note, claiming he did not want any delay or extension. This act was heavily criticized by many British politicians and even those in Johnson’s party. The move by Johnson amounts to undermining the legal status of the House of Commons in the eyes of other European actors.

The British prime minister stated, “I have made clear since becoming prime minister and made clear to parliament again today, my view, and the government’s position, that a further extension would damage the interests of the UK and our EU partners, and the relationship between us,” Johnson said in the third letter, signed “Boris Johnson”.

It can be said that Johnson has formally called on European officials to postpone the request of the House of Commons to delay Brexit. In the wake of political crises between the government and the House of Commons, which can lead to premature election, the supporters of another referendum in Britain have begun their work to repeal the first referendum and to stay in the EU. Indeed, if the second referendum is to be held, British nationalists, who are major supporters of Brexit, will launch an extensive uprising against the government.

All the developments suggest that like his two predecessors, David Cameron and Theresa May, Johnson will soon become the third victim of Britain’s divorce from the European Union.

From our partner Tehran Times