Howdy Modi is relevant beyond Indo – US relations

If 9/11 and 26/11 have carved a niche for grim happenings, 22ndSept has carved exuberant warmth and true friendship between the two largest democracies in front of 1 billion viewers in an extravagant celebration.

Americans, who usually spend a Sunday morning paying attention to themselves on physical fitness and recreation to strengthen their body and mind after a full weeks stretch, had a different experience on 22ndSept. It was a day of rejuvenation through an event never seen by most Americans by gluing themselves to TV and for Houstonians who were fortunate to be among the audience, it was a memorable one may be an experience once in their lifetime.

For a good two weeks ahead of the event, when preparations were afoot at the famous NSG stadium, for Houstonians, event organizers, participants, US Congress members, Senators and leaders of Texas it was Modi 24X 7 and Modi 360 deg and nothing else. Pioneering efforts were put in by all leaving nothing to chance to ensure that the event for which the man at the centre of attraction was no other than Indian PM. He is now ranked high for the best driver of government, leader with far sighted vision in promoting an emerging economy, the single soul who could lure American citizens including the US President even on a Sunday into a feel that participating or watching his event would be more rejuvenating and gainful than the usual way to spend a Sunday morning. In a three hour enthrall when diverse activities from cultural to economic were at display, speech by every leader was all on Modi but Modi himself spoke about Presintent Trump’s qualities and America’s greatness, the stadium packed to its full capacity 70,000 of which 70% were India – Americans, the event created history by registering it as the biggest event hosted for any Head of Government in US with an overwhelming participation and viewership and attendance by US President.

The pomp and pageantry at the stadium and turn out made Modi make a glamourous remark that what we see here today is not just creation of history here but Creation of new Chemistry, Synergy and Energy as well. Modi on his part interacted with Indian communities in Texas such as Sikhs, Business men, Daewoo Bohra, Kashmir Pundits separately and this interaction infused renewed warmth in the Indian- Americans over three generations where the present younger generation was born and being brought up in US. The attendance of Young and Old, men and Women and the cordiality with which interaction took place makes every viewer feel that Indian diaspora has the feel of changes coming up in India and ready to extend help to make their motherland grow from strength to strength with willingness to return anytime.

Congruence in expressions and feelings was palpable when India and US were on page in respect of terrorism. Modi put across the roots of terrorism in a euphemistic manner and Trump’s support was point blank through naming it as radical Islamic terrorism. He further qualified his statement by adding that India and US have one common problem that being Border Security. The many commonalities between the two dissolved room for rigidity and brought in flexibility and true openness. If 9/11 and 26/11 have carved a niche for grim happenings, 22ndSept has carved exuberant warmth and true friendship between the two largest democracies in front of 1 billion viewers in an extravagant celebration.

Across America people of all races and communities took keen interest and watched the proceedings. The publicity given was so wide and charming that leaders of major economies like UK, Canada, Japan and China also set aside time to slake their curiosity. The time and keenness US president and US congress devoted on Modi and India raises many eyebrows across countries and provokes thoughts making future prediction very difficult. The bonhomie and reverence each has over the other expressed both in words and through gestures and the commonness in problems being confronted namely Border security, Terrorist activities, infiltration and illegal entry raised as major issues to be addressed jointly from a common platform using similar techniques and methods adaptable to counter the enemy will prod Countries like Pakistan, Mexico and Groups like Taliban, JeM, ISIS subject their coercive and covert acts to more scrutiny and operate amidst fear. That Trade was not a subject of discussion is an area that throws rider to China who will have to wait and watch.

Howdy Modi awakened many eyes and ears, raised many eyebrows beyond the shores of India and America. It is not only Indian but diaspora of many countries in US who have viewed have great tales to take and convey when they travel home next. It has far reaching effect on people, policies and activities not only for USA and India but other countries as well.

Sundar Raghavan
Sundar Raghavan
Renewable Energy analyst and free lancer