Unlocking the Potential of Industry 4.0 for Developing Countries

The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), together with the Indonesian Ministry of Industry and the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs officially presented the Report on the first Regional Conference on Industrial Development ‘Unlocking the Potential of Industrial 4.0 for Developing Countries’ today.

“Industry 4.0 will impact institutions and governance as decision-making powers will change and the potential of new technologies to induce new barriers to entry across a wide range of industries will increase”, said Doddy Rahadi, Director General of Resilience, Regional and International Industrial Access, Ministry of Industry. “The Government has prepared a strategic direction for implementing Industry 4.0 and has been very active in cooperating with pioneer countries and global centres, such as Hannover Messe”.

The Report covers the main highlights and recommendations of the first Regional Conference on Industrial Development in the Asia-Pacific region, which addressed challenges and opportunities along with suitable policies and best practices to garner derived benefits.

“UNIDO, as the specialized agency of the United Nations focused on industrial development, also plays a key role among its stakeholders by sharing knowledge and technologies; connecting actors in different markets and cultures; and providing education and training”, said Olga Memedovic, Chief and Deputy Director of the UNIDO Department of Trade, Investment and Innovation. “These collaborative efforts can create a better understanding of innovative technological solutions for strengthened governance systems”.

In parallel to the presentation of the Report, industry experts discussed activities that were undertaken since the Regional Conference took place in November 2018, especially related to the implementation of the Bali Agenda. Today’s presentation took place in support of the country’s national initiative ‘Making Indonesia Industry 4.0’.