Extremely Dangerous situation has emerged in Kashmir

Reinforcement of troops and the arrival of fresh troops, deployment & movement of troops in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK), is a signal to big danger. The magnitude and frequency of violation of ceasefire across the line of control. And the use of cluster bombs on innocent citizens is the major threat of big disasters. India wanted to change the demography of Kashmir by force and going for constitutional changes. The situation has emerged “Highly Flammable”. Even intellectual and sensible politicians in India are scared of ongoing actions in Kashmir. Congress has warned the ruling party not to cross all limits, otherwise, they may lose Kashmir forever.

Kashmir issue was basically created at the time of partition of sub-continent in 1947 when the British were leaving Sub-continent creating India with Hindu Majority Areas, and Pakistan with Muslim Majority Areas. As a matter of principle, Kashmir was Muslim Majority Area and supposed to be part of Pakistan. But, the Indian Army entered into Kashmir and occupied two-third of Kashmir. When Pakistan resisted Indian Army in Kashmir, India, approached the United Nation, where a resolution was passed to hold a plebiscite in Kashmir. India kept on denial the Security Council Resolution since 1948. But tried to control Kashmir with Force. 

Last, few decades, Kashmiri people stood against Indian Occupation and wanted the restoration of civil right, where India kept violation of Human Right in Kashmir and crossed all limits. The recent Human Rights Reports were so embarrassing that the UN Secretary-General could not control his emotions and was crying and weeping. Kashmir’s movement is indigenous and peaceful. But India is using excessive force and violating all the human norms by any civilized society. We are afraid, if India kept the same policy, it may become counterproductive and Kashmiri people may be left with no option other than armed struggle.

Pakistan, along with the International community, under the charter of the United Nation, extends moral and diplomatic support to the Kashmiri people. Pakistan being the first-hand neighbor, can see the worsening situation in Occupied Kashmir, and can report to the International community and UN organizations.

India has imposed two full-scale wars on Pakistan on Kashmir Issue and recently on 25 February, violated the aerospace of Pakistan by sending its air force into Pakistan, and dropped Bombs deep inside Pakistan. India, staged a drama of “Puwama” to make an excuse to attack Pakistan. But Pakistan is a responsible state, our leadership is strong and visionary, can understand the consequences. Pakistan observed patience and has not responded immediately. Even, has released arrested prisoner of war an Indian air force pilot, as a goodwill gesture. However, Pakistan demonstrated its strength on 27 February, yet under control. Pakistan understands well the consequences. As both India and Pakistan are nuclear states and can lead to disaster not only limited to both India and Pakistan, but to the whole region or global. On the other hand, India is in the hands of extremists and terrorists, one may expect any un-usual action from them.

Again, India may instigate Pakistan to retaliate, but Pakistan is a mature nation and understand the consequences. Pakistan has also informed the UN and International community the current situation and its seriousness in Kashmir. Trust, the UN, and the International community feels its responsibilities and do all possible means to avert any misadventure by India.

President Trump has offered twice within a couple of weeks to mediate between India and Pakistan to resolve the Kashmir Issue diplomatically. British Parliament has welcomed President Trump’s goodwill gesture. Chinese Foreign Ministry also supported President Trump to mediate. But India keeps on denying the resolution of the UN, and any help from a third country. Also, India is not serious to address this issue bilaterally with Pakistan. India is trying to gain more time until it changes the demography of Kashmir.

India failed to suppress the just struggle of people of Kashmir by force for the last 7 decades, although used all tactics and atrocities. The spirit of Kashmiri people is very high and brave Kashmiri will not surrender to Indian notorious forces. I think, India must understand, if they could not win during the last seventy years, they may not win in the future. The only option for India is to leave Kashmir and leave the Kashmiri people to decide if they want to reunite with Pakistan.

Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan
Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan
Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan, Sinologist (ex-Diplomat), Non-Resident Fellow of CCG (Center for China and Globalization), National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan.