PM Imran Khan’s visit to the USA

A confident and Relax, PM Imran Khan has won the hearts and minds of Americans. A crowd of around 30,000 people has to greet him, before his scheduled meeting with President Trump. Many young Americans wanted to see him, he appeared to be a superstar. His appearance, personality is charming. Unlike the previous leaders, especially military rulers, he gained deep roots in Pakistani society, especially the most favorite leader among the youth of Pakistan. The Youth of Pakistan constitutes 70% population under the age of 40 years. He is the third most popular leader in the history of Pakistan, just after Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

American realized his popularity, confidence, and courage. It was very much visible during his meeting with President Trump. He has represented Pakistan’s narrative and convinced President Trump. Almost all important issues were discussed and a complete harmony has existed between the two leaders.

President Trump and PM Imran Khan, both are strong men, hardliners, straight forward, by nature and harmony was expected. Both are the man of commitments and can implement any decision if promised. The recent history witnessed fulfilling their commitments in true spirits of their promises. In spite of public resistance, they can implement unpopular decisions.

It is possible the advisors and aides might try to change their minds at the stage of implementations of some of the understandings developed between two leaders. But experience shows that they might not bow to them and the go-ahead to implement the understanding developed between the two leaders in later and spirit.

As a matter of fact, there existed many misunderstands between the two countries since the Abbottabad Incident 2 May 2011. Which led to mistrust and created a distance. Due to this gap, both countries suffered a lot. Pakistan suffered in the form of Economy, terrorist attacks and social values. While, the US suffered in Afghanistan, and in the region, and could not achieve its strategic goals. Unfortunately, the US has chosen India as a replacement for Pakistan. India has no capacity to replace Pakistan and sooner the US administration realized that they cannot rely on India. 

The history of Pak-US relations is full of proven success-stories, whether it is a cold war era or war on terror. Pakistan was instrumental in achieving the US’s strategic goals. Although Pakistan is a small country, economically may be poor, but a one of the bravest nation, most resilient nation, strong and loyal people. Out geostrategic location makes Pakistan a pivot.

Trust, cooperation between Pakistan and the US will bring fruits not to Pakistan and the US but for Afghanistan and the whole region. We foresee a stable and peaceful Afghanistan in the near future and prosperity in the region. Pakistan and the US have convergence on interests on the Afghan issue, it is very much ration to cooperate with each other to achieve our common goals of peace, stability, and Prosperity in Afghanistan. Pakistan was a country, having the most adverse impact due to the prevailing situation in Afghanistan. Pakistan sacrificed 70000 precious human lives, an economic loss of estimated up to US Dollar 250 billion, drug and gun culture, terrorism and extremist, smuggling and trafficking, and the curse of corruption, etc. Pakistan will be the first country desiring for a peaceful and stable Afghanistan.

Pakistan has the capacity, capability and will to cooperate with the US to resolve the Afghan issue. PR Imran Khan is a visionary leader, since long, he has been expressing his views for peaceful settlement of Afghanistan. I am sure, the days are not for away when People of Afghanistan will enjoy a comfortable life with peace and harmony under prosper.

The US and Pakistan have a history of almost 7 decades of friendship and excellent cooperation. We understand each other very well and respect each other’s needs and interests. Pakistan always met the needs of the US in this region and contributed positively to achieve its national interests. Pakistan may need US support in International forums like IMF, FATF, World Bank, NSG, UNSC, etc. Pakistan expects that the US will understand and respect Pakistan’s strategic interest with China, Russia, and OIC countries.

Pak-US relations will be beneficial to the whole region and ensure Peace Stability and Prosperity globally. Our relations may not be a threat to any nation and may not be misunderstood by any third country.

Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan
Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan
Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan, Sinologist (ex-Diplomat), Non-Resident Fellow of CCG (Center for China and Globalization), National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan.