Will India meet US expectations at critical moment?

Recent cooperation between US and India has witnessed exponential growth. Whether it is Civil-Nuclear deal or Major Defense Partner (MDP) agreement. The US support for India to join NSG (Nuclear Supplier Group) or Indo-Pacific Defense Alliance. Framework for Defense Cooperation (Defense Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI)) or Sale of modern defense technologies and weaponry. Technical and Economic assistance, or trade concessions, Educational cooperation for joint research and Innovation, or training of Human resource, all aim to help India to counter China’s rapid rise.

India has become the second largest beneficiary of US assistance and support after Israel. Either it is political support or diplomatic, materialistic or educational, all are to uplift India to a level, where it can counter China.

Having all this done by the US, “Will India meet the US expectations at a critical moment when the US needs it helps”. Is the US extending all generosity to India for nothing? Is India capable to digest all help provided by the US? Is India sincere with the US?

India was a traditional ally with former USSR and one of the biggest beneficiary of its alliance till the disintegration of former USSR in 1989. India was a close partner with USSR in all anti-US strategies. But after the disintegration, India marketed itself toward the US and gradually gained sympathies from the US, and has grown the second largest beneficiary of US assistance.

India is a very complex society, with its four caste system and numerous minorities. Religiously, they worship anything stronger than them and if they think someone is weaker or cannot give them any benefit, just throw them away.

India is facing huge domestic problems like poverty, lack of education, health care, etc. But most severe is the extremism, especially the ruling party has a history of extremism, violence, and terrorism. Even, the ruling Prime Minister was refused the issuance of visa by the US authorities on his alleged involvement of violence against Muslims, in Gujrat state, where he was Chief Minister in 2002. Europe has also banned his travel to several countries on similar charges.

Indian atrocities in Kashmir and refusal to implementation of UN resolution on Kashmir for the last 7 decades, has exposed the ugly face of India to the international community. Injustice and extremist practices have generated several uprising in the country and separatist movements are at a peak. Sikh freedom movement or Mao’s struggle, Assam or Kashmir or Nagaland, India is overcommitted to suppress them all.

Disgruntled Army, aged equipment, and poverty may not allow India to contribute anything to the US, when they need any role from India.

At the beginning of this year, in February 2019, India used the excuse of Pulwama incident, and without having any investigation or collecting evidence, coerced Pakistan. Violated the aerospace of Pakistan on 26 February and released bomb loads in barren areas of Pakistan. Which is an open violation of all norms of the international community and UN Charter definitely.  All the civilized nations have condemned India hostile and aggressive act. In retaliation, on 27 February 2019, Pakistan, surprised India and locked its strategic targets inside India while staying in Pakistan aerospace. But deliberately missed the targets locked and keeping a safe distance, fired some locations, without having any considerable loss to India. The objective was only to warn India that Pakistan has the capability to retaliate, but as a peace-loving nation, we are responsible and may not be wanted to escalate a full-fledged war among two nuclear states. Yes, Pakistan shoots down two Indian Air Force jets, when they entered into Pakistan’s aerospace. Pakistan used JF 17 thunder, an old version of Chinese origin jet manufactured in Pakistan. 

This incident has changed the international perception of the world and Pakistan has emerged a responsible, visionary, peace-loving nation. A big victory for Pakistan.

If India cannot face Pakistan, a much smaller nation than India, either by area, or population or economy, or military strength. How can India be able to “Contain” China, a much bigger nation, well advanced economy and defense? February incident is a message to the rest of the world, to re-evaluate India and its capacities. The US may re-assess the Indian capacities to “Contain” China. If the US takes any big stem depending on India, it may face big disappointment.

However, it is appealed to all parties to resolve all differences diplomatically and peaceful-negotiations under the charter of the UN. Any miscalculation may cost a huge loss to humanity.

Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan
Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan
Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan, Sinologist (ex-Diplomat), Non-Resident Fellow of CCG (Center for China and Globalization), National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan.