Belt and Road Forum Synthesized China Pakistan Relations


On 25 to 27 April 2019 China hosted the 2nd Belt and Road Forum for Intercontinental Cooperation (BRF) in Beijing. During this 2nd BRF, national governments, local authorities and enterprises reached a series of cooperation agreements, important measures and practical results with this more than 5,000 high-level delegates from over 150 countries attended the 2nd BRI Forum, including 37 heads of state and government, and representatives of international organizations. As the host country, China has put together the most representative outcomes, and formed a list of deliverables of the second BRF. The list includes 283 concrete results in six categories, namely, initiatives proposed or launched by the Chinese side, bilateral and multilateral documents signed during or immediately before the second BRF, multilateral cooperation mechanisms under the BRF framework, investment projects and project lists, financing projects, and projects by local authorities and enterprises.  

Beijing and Islamabad also sign space exploration agreement, AS newly signed space exploration agreement between China and Pakistan on manned space missions manifests their more profound cooperation on the peaceful use of outer Space. The agreement, marking that cooperation between the two neighbours in space exploration has entered a new phase, China Economic Net reported, quoting a statement issued by the China National Space Administration (CNSA).The agreement inked during the recent visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan will serve as a high-level foundation for cooperation in space science and exploration. Both nations will conduct scientific and technological experiments, astronaut training, along with manned space applications and achievement transformation. The CNSA and the Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission will establish a China-Pakistan space committee chaired by top officials from both sides to address future collaborative issues.

Since Pakistan is China’s all-weather friend, China is willing to provide the know-how to foster Pakistan’s technological development on the use of outer space, Lan Jianxue, said an associate research fellow at the China Institute of International Studies.”China-Pakistan space cooperation will help Pakistan in terms of satellite monitoring of natural disasters and agricultural production, land and resources surveying, and waste handling in a microgravity environment,” China will also benefit from the cooperation, including for commercial applications of space technology, investment security and counter-terrorism. Along with this The Chinese Academy of Sciences launched the Silk Road Environment Program, under which scientists from countries along the Belt and Road study the pathways and scientific solutions of green Silk Road development and Pakistan is the key member of this Forum. Adding to that The Belt and Road Publishing Cooperation was co-founded by China and international publishers, academic institutions and professional associations of relevant countries and regions. The Belt and Road Initiative Documentary Consortium was jointly founded by China and relevant countries including Pakistan. The Belt and Road News Network was jointly developed by the People’s Daily and media organizations from relevant countries. The International Communication Award on the Belt and Road was launched. Furthermore, The China Earthquake Administration, together with its counterparts from 13 countries and relevant international organizations including Armenia, Mongolia, Russia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, the Asian Seismological Commission and the African Seismological Commission, jointly established theWorking Mechanism for the Belt and Road Earthquake Risk Reduction Cooperation. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China and the Ministry of National Food Security and Research of Pakistan jointly released the Statement of Intent for Cooperation on Promoting Specification-setting for Pesticide Quality under the Belt and Road Initiative.

The Ministry of Science and Technology of China announced the Belt and Road talents exchange program, supporting 5,000 talents from China and BRI partner countries in innovation exchange and cooperation in the next five years. Beijing will initiate the experience sharing program for Belt and Road partner countries, inviting 10,000 representatives to China from these countries in the next five years, including those from political parties, political organizations, think tanks and social organizations, as well as senior political figures and scholars. The Chinese government continues to implement the “Silk Road” Chinese Government Scholarship Program and increases scholarships for candidates pursuing master’s and PhD degrees at Chinese institutes of higher learning. In 2018, China sent two Pakistan satellites into orbit. The PRSS-1, Pakistan’s first optical remote sensing satellite, and the PakTES-1A, a smaller observation craft, were both lifted into space by China’s Long March-2C carrier rocket. The current agreement signifies that their cooperation is not limited to infrastructure and resources, it also concerns technology and innovation.

List of China-Pak Agreements at BRF


2. Rashakai SEZ Concession Agreement

3. Declaration of Completion of Preliminary Design Phase-I on Up gradation of ML1

4. China-Pakistan Economic & Technological Cooperation Agreement

5. MOU on CPEC Social Economic Cooperation

6. The Red Cross Society of China continues with the implementation of the China-Pakistan First Aid Corridor Program in Pakistan.

7. The Chinese government signed transport cooperation documents with the government of Pakistan

S.H. Bilal
S.H. Bilal
Islamabad based freelance contributor and researcher. His area of research is south Asia special focus on china India relations.


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