India: Intolerant, Extremist and Aggressor state


India has been exposed as “Intolerant, Extremist and Aggressor State”. Indian society is based on a caste system, where lower caste “untouchable” cannot sit or eat with upper class “Brahmin”. Minorities and lower caste are treated inhuman manner and it is very common in their society. Personal qualification or education is not recognized against superiority by birth. Muslims are hated in their society and just for the suspect of cow meat eating are being tortured and killed. Sitting Prime Minister Modi was refused for the issuance of visa by the US on charges of his involvement in anti-Muslim riots in Gujrat in 2002 when he was Chief Minister of Gujrat state. Modi was not allowed to travel to many European countries due to his alleged act of terrorism in Gujrat against Muslims in 2002. He was certified as terrorist by US and European countries informally and banned to enter their countries.

India is a defaulter of UN since 1948, a refusal to implement UN resolution on Kashmir for the plebiscite. To suppress the right of self-determination, India has crossed all limits of atrocities in Kashmir. International Amnesty reported the worst crimes committed in Kashmir in history.

India is facing several insurgencies due to injustice and intolerance toward minorities and low castes. India’s excessive use of force to suppress such insurgencies has put India on the top of the list as human rights violation by the International community. Either it is Naga Land, or Tamil, Assam or Bihar, Khalistan or Mao-ist movement, all are the victim of Indian state suppression. Genocide of minorities is common practice.

India has been declared as “unsafe for women” as the number of rape cases has exceeded beyond any other country. Especially, the minorities and child abuse. Even foreign female tourists were not spared.

Indian media has become the worst propaganda machinery, involved in fake news, hate and all other heinous crimes. The ruling party is paying heavily for spreading false news and hate. Mainstream Indian media has been trying to promote intolerance and extremist.

Indian premier intelligence agency “RAW” is involved in espionage and terrorism inside India as well as in other countries of the region, including Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, and the Maldives etc. RAW is in collaboration with other international intelligence agencies for heinous crimes against humanity.

Indian aggression on Pakistan is the worst example, violation of Pakistan’s air space, Line of Control, and Pakistani Sea, all are highly condemned by the International community. Pakistan has pushed Indian forces only, however keeping capability of retaliation, has observed patience and restraint.

Indian Intellectuals and Think-Tanks may come forward to change this mindset, otherwise, India may lose its reputation in the international community and civilized world. India may not hide its true face from the rest of the world. Its ugly face has been already exposed to the international community.

India may take some practical measures to satisfy the human right records by pulling its almost one million armed forces from Kashmir. May introduce new legislation to protect the minorities and lower castes. May adopt strict laws to punish rapists. Educational system may need reforms to overcome the sick mentality of intolerance and extremism.

On the other hand, Pakistan has emerged as a moderate, responsible and peace loving nation. The recent Pakistan-India Crisis has proved Pakistan as a much more mature and peace-loving nation. India has tried to coerce Pakistan and openly violated the UN charter and all norms of the civilized world.  But, Pakistan being a mature and responsible state has observed patience and succeeded in avoiding a full-scale war. Pakistan is a peace-loving nation and understands the consequences of war.

Although, India wanted a war imposed on Pakistan, but we had avoided. War is a disaster only and no one can be the winner. Especially, as both, Pakistan and India are nuclear states and any misadventure by India may cost heavy loss to humanity. In spite of the fact, Pakistan is capable of defending its territory and it is an obligation to defend one’s country. But we observed restrained and averted the humanity from a big disaster. Pakistan has returned the captured pilot of the Indian air force, who has intruded Pakistan. Such a good-will gesture are rarely happened among hostile nations in the history. Although the Pakistan capabilities are much more, but, Pakistan had observed “Patience”. However, a message has been conveyed successfully that do not coerce Pakistan, as Pakistan is always ready to accept any challenge. It is our obligation and duty to defend our country.

Pakistan’s visionary leadership has saved the humanity. Whole world has appreciated Pakistan for its patience and matured behavior. It is time for all the peace-loving nations and individuals to play their role to save humanity from any big loss. Pakistan will be partner of any peace initiative anywhere any time. It is time to think and think seriously. Join hands with Pakistan for comprehensive “Peace, Stability and Development” for the whole region and contribute to global “Peace, Stability and Development”.  Pakistan is a dependable partner in peace and can deliver whenever the need arises. We invite all nations to promote peace and avoid war, promote harmony and avoid hate, promote development and avoid destruction. Respect Humanity! No to war!

Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan
Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan
Prof. Engr. Zamir Ahmed Awan, Sinologist (ex-Diplomat), Non-Resident Fellow of CCG (Center for China and Globalization), National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, Pakistan.


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