The behavioral paradox of Europe continues


The European Union has still not been able to define a clear relationship between itself and the United States.

Some European politicians like the German Chancellor, the French President and, above all, the British prime minister are trying to continue to turn Europe into a passive act in the international system. In this equation, the independence of the European Union in the world has been completely questioned.

The paradoxical approaches taken by the European authorities is definitely one of its kind! Over the past months, Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, has repeatedly emphasized that the EU can no longer rely on the United States to secure its interests. However, the German Chancellor held secret and hidden negotiations with the U.S. government and Trump to resolve Europe’s economic and security problems and crises.

 In other words, there is a significant difference between the speeches and actions of the European authorities regarding the EU’s independence from Washington. 

What is really happening in Europe? Senior European officials seem to have no time finding out about the consequences of their direct play on the land of the Trump government! It seems that people like Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron do not pay attention to the trump’s hostility to the existence and nature of the European Union! There is no doubt that the continuation of the current process in the European Union will result in no more than a fall: a subject many European analysts have warned about.

European officials have practically closed their eyes to the realities of international relations! U.S. President Donald Trump is one of the main opponents of the existing structure in Europe! He has come to this conclusion that the collapse of United Europe will provide the United States with great economic growth among its allies.

 The White House, therefore, monitors the simultaneous destruction of the Eurozone and the European Union as essential goals. This is the main reason for Trump’s support for nationalist and anti-EU movements in Europe. Donald Trump has officially urged French President Emmanuel Macron to pull his country out of the EU to benefit from more U.S.-France ties!

 Also, the U.S. president has asked Theresa May, the British prime minister, to sue the European Union for making barriers in Brexit talks. Trump has gone even further, and warned Theresa May that she should choose between integrating in the European Economic structure and having economic relations with the United States! Together, these statements and stances show that Trump is working hard to achieve his main goal in Europe, which is the collapse of the European Union.

Ultimately, the only way forward for people like Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron is to change their behavior and political and economic strategy against the United States. If this strategy does not change, in the near future, the Europe Union will easily be broken by the United States.

 It is reaffirmed that one of the public objectives of the Trump government is the destruction of the European Union and the empowerment of nationalists in the political and executive equations of European countries. Do the European authorities understand this absolute truth?

First published in our partner MNA


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