Casablanca’s Most Instagrammable Spots

Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca has curated a list of the most Instagrammable scenes. Do not leave Casablanca without selfies here:

Mosque Hassan II

A photographer’s dream, the Mosque Hassan II packs plenty of eye-catching craftsmanship details. From the towering bronze doors at each entrance, to the impressive Moresque arches, and the incredible zellige interiors, a visit to Casablanca would not be complete without an #Instamoment in the world’s third largest mosque.

El Hank Lighthouse

This century-old lighthouse, a stone’s throw from Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca, is a relic of the city’s alluring port history. An impressive 51 metres (161 feet) in height, the lighthouse was designed by French architect Albert Laprade in 1916 and began operating in 1920. 256 stairs leads you up to the most breathtaking views of the Atlantic coastline.

Mahkama du Pacha

Famous for its turquoise carved wooden doorways and magnificent stucco and patios that display Moorish influences, the Mahkama du Pacha rivals some of the finest architectural gems in the country. Reminiscent of the Alhambra in Granada, the fully operational parliamentary building provides abundant backdrops for incredible photos.

Bleu Terrace of Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca

Look no further than our very own signature restaurant Bleu, where the outdoor terrace provides show-stopping panoramic views of the Atlantic coastline. Stunning sunset views and miles of ocean coastline provides the perfect Instagram setting.

Habous Neighbourhood

Wander around the narrow streets of the fascinating Habous neighbourhood built by the French in the 1920s. The beautiful mix of Moroccan architecture illustrated by the riads, mosques, administrative buildings and hammams are picture perfect.