US’s Exit Race: A Perfect Chaos

After 17 years of war against Taliban, US chosen the way of peaceful table talk. In the last month of 2018, representatives of the Taliban and the US government in Abu Dhabi, steered negotiation of a peace summit for the next year. The two sides, argued that Taliban were withdrawal from government in 2001, but they are still a powerful force in Afghanistan, remaining in control of half the country. Both sides, assured that, dialogue is the only way to end crisis.

One of the Taliban’s demands in the peace talks has been that all US troops should first be withdrawn. As a Taliban spokesman told the media after Trump’s surprise announcement, “We weren’t expecting that immediate US response. We are more than happy”.

Following that, on December 20, US declared acquittal of their troops from Afghanistan and Syria. The US Defence Department has also outlined a plan for rehabilitating the Taliban in a new Afghanistan. The Pentagon said, this week,

“Although some members of the Taliban may be weary of fighting and ready to lay down their weapons, they will only rejoin society if they believe their safety and the safety of their families are guaranteed, and if they have an opportunity to earn enough money to provide for their families”.

But US, are creating, a dilemma and chaos, saying nothing about the government business of Afghanistan between Taliban and Afghani government. What will happen, if they go on agitation for the sake of power. So, ruling negotiations is crucial than rehabilitation.

Threat to Pakistan

Concerning the role of Pakistan, one should remember that, there is diplomatic rift between Pakistan and America since Prime Minister Imran Khan assumed his office and workable relationships are also dead. So, Washington took the prerogative of Islamabad for the sole mission of Peace talk with Taliban in Afghanistan.

US’s acquittal probably may pose a threat to Pakistan integrity in near future. Because, until and unless no understandable ruling business between Taliban and Afghanistan is installed, a horrendous civil war may be started in the region. As, both America and India did not give privilege to CPEC, it may be affected if situation came get out of control.

It is more crucial time for Islamabad, to revisit the status of Pak-Afghan border. The security position required to be strict on across the border, so that no exchange of weapons and terrorists enter Pakistan.

Challenge to Israel

Despite of US backing to Israel since long, US took an international U-Turn. US President Donald Trump’s decision to pull American troops out of Syria has created a serious policy dispute with Israel, potentially complicating his relationship with the mainstream US pro-Israel community for the first time since he took office. The withdrawal of some 2,000 soldiers from Syria will likely make it more difficult for Israel to fight Iranian efforts to entrench itself in the war-torn country and expand its influence in the region.

The American Jewish committee (AJC) are strongly criticizing the withdrawal, as in a tweet message they argued “We urge President Trump to reconsider withdrawing all U.S. troops from Syria. They have performed heroic service, but their job isn’t over. The only winners will be Russia and Iran — and a resurgent Islamic State. Why would we possibly cede ground to them? Stay the course!”

US decision, put a perfect chaos in the world politics. “Step back and jump”What is the US policy is now.

Irfan Khan
Irfan Khan
Researcher at Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan and Islamabad based Columnist having interests in Asian Politics, Human rights, Muslims and Jewish theology.