A Guided Gastronomy Tour in Bogota’s Bustling Marketplace

Not your typical tourist destination, Plaza de Paloquemao market is a charming and authentic location to visit during a trip to Colombia’s capital.

The extensive food court is lined with small stalls overflowing with the ingredients of Colombian cuisine. Plantain, pineapples and lulo fill the racks alongside other native and exotic fruits. As a growing destination for gastronomy in Latin America, the biggest marketplace in the city is a fresh and exciting location for tourists who want to explore the country’s cuisine.

For travellers wanting to gain insight to the local way of life, Four Seasons Hotel Bogota and Four Seasons Hotel Casa Medina Bogota offer special guided tours to the bustling Paloquemao market, allowing guests to get up close and personal with the life and soul of the food industry.

As well as tours to the market Four Seasons can also offer specific recommendations to restaurants in the notable gastronomy zones in the capital. Bogota has six zones dedicated to fine cuisine: Zona C named after the historical district La Candelaria, Zona M in the Macarena district, Zona G located very close to Four Seasons Hotel Casa Medina, Zona T, Park 93 and Usaquen.

According to local stories, Paloquemao got its name from an old and large tree that was burned down in the area. From then Bogotanos referred to the market with its name, which translates to “burned stick.” It’s reported that the plaza dates back to 1946 and the market as it stands today has been in its current location since 1967. Today the marketplace is recognised as a mecca of community and fresh produce and on any given day thousands of Colombians can visit to receive cheap and locally sourced goods.

The plaza is an authentic insight into the culinary scene and brings together suppliers of meat, vegetables, fruits and seafood from across the country. It’s an ideal place to mingle with local people and get a sense of the thriving culture of Colombia’s capital.