France’s unrestful days with Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron is going through hard times. On the one hand, Macron’s popularity with the French citizens has drastically fallen during recent months, and the continuation of public protests in different cities of France has created a difficult situation for the young French president.

Under such circumstances, many analysts of the French affairs believe that Macron is not going to have a better fate than Francois Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy, and if he’s not removed from power before 2022, he doesn’t have a chance to win in the next presidential election. Anyway, the “yellow vests” have severely disturbed the French president’s dreams.

It should not be forgotten that in 2017, Macron came to power with the slogan of economic development in France and the economic and political leadership of the European Union. However, the French president has failed to become a strong leader in Europe. Today he’s considered a defeated figure in the French economy and politics.

The polls conducted in France indicate that Macron’s popularity has fallen by %25 over the last months. Today, the French president is striving to resist the opposition groups in his country which are basically against his policies. These opponents are mostly members of the nationalist movement of France, along with conservative and socialist activists!
The fact is that in 2021, Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, will step down from power. Many analysts believe Merkel’s successor won’t be able to influence the European equations the way she could, at least not in the near future. On the other hand, regarding the Brexit, British authorities can’t play an important role as the leader of the United Europe.

Under such circumstances, the French see themselves as undisputed leaders of Europe (after 2021). Therefore, Macron’s political and social opponents are determined not to let him regain power in the next elections. Moreover, in 2017, French citizens practically turned their back on their country’s two traditional parties, namely, socialists and conservatives.

Under such circumstances, Marin Le Pen and French nationalists are hopeful about the next year European Parliament elections. They hope that by winning these elections, they can take an important step in defeating Macron in France’ next presidential elections. It is not unreasonable that some analysts consider far-right extremists behind the recent protests in this country.

Undoubtedly, recent protests in France will not be the last round of protests against the administration of Emmanuel Macron. These protests will continue until 2022 (The time for France next presidential elections). Without a doubt, the French protests and the political fate of Emmanuel Macron will also affect the equations of the united Europe, making this block and the Eurozone even more vulnerable. In such a situation, it’s not exactly clear that what would be the European leaders’ final decision and policy towards France’ ongoing protests.

It should be noted that France protests occurred just at a time when Europe was more vulnerable than any time before, due to the London’s exit from the EU. This has motivated the opposition groups inside the European countries for departing the European Union and the Eurozone, which consequently resulted in the intensification of nationalism through the Green Continent, an issue that has raised deep concerns among European officials.

First published in our partner MNA