Political Dimensions of Resistance Economics in Imam Khamenei’s Thoughts

The motto of the resistance economy, undoubtedly, is economic in nature, and it emphasizes a particular emphasis on economics, which at least distinguishes it from other types, such as dependent economy, single economy, austerity economics, and so on. Nevertheless, there are many reasons why this slogan, in addition to its economic essence, has many links to politics and political issues in the country, which are referred to in some examples:

1-The direct impact of resistance economics on obstruction of the types of enemy penetration, especially economic influence

In a situation where the enemy has threatened the Islamic Republic’s holy system with its full influence, and in the words of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, this danger is more important than a nuclear deal, the rehabilitation of the economy, in addition to the blockade of the economic influx of the West, Can prevent the economic dependence of our country. In fact, with the economy of resistance and the strengthening of the country’s economic foundations, as well as the removal of the country from the problems of the recession and the lack of economic growth, a field of resistance to America’s excesses and concessions is provided.

2- Focus on the conditions of the threat and economic sanctions of the enemies of the revolution

Another reason for the political strength of the resistance economy is that the choice of this slogan is perfectly in line with the conditions and types of American threats in the current situation. An American who has been fighting economic struggles for years with his rivals has long defined the way to turn Tehran into an economic boycott, pursuing heavy pressures on the purpose of doping and the split between the various levels of the system. The Supreme Leader, in explaining this year’s motto this important dimension, has pointed out: “One of the three most effective means of the enemy is the boycott. The enemy has felt that our country and our nation are struggling with sanctions; unfortunately, we have also strengthened our perception. One place in a permanent lamb boosted sanctions, which is a sanction, a boycott, we have to lift a boycott, if it is sanctioned, it will strike us like this; from there we strengthened the lifting of the sanctions, enlarged, and zoomed in. We would say that if sanctions are lifted, this will happen, it will happen; events that did not come and will not fall if we are going to do so now. ”

3- Coping with instrumental and political abuse from the pretext of sanctions to generalize the pattern of negotiation to other areas.

Another next slogan of this year’s political slogan is that some people in the country insist on using the unsuccessful nuclear negotiation model, which is only due to economic constraints, both for the magnitude of both the impact of sanctions on both existing problems and the illusion of misconception. The abolition of sanctions has led to the settlement of people’s livelihood problems, extending it to other areas of concern, including regional issues. However, in the words of the Supreme Leader of the American Revolution, he refuses to act in accordance with his obligations under these agreements.

“The Americans have said that we are lifting sanctions and putting it on paper, but in other ways they are doing so that the effect of the lifting of the sanctions will not be completely created or achieved,” he said. Therefore, those who hope that we will negotiate with the United States on this issue and reach an agreed point – that is, we will make an undertaking, the other party will make a commitment – of neglecting that we must inevitably have to act on all our commitments. But the opposing party in various ways, in different ways, fools, deceives, and does not act on his obligations. That is what we see today against our own eyes; that is, the mere harm. ”

It is in the same vein that Imam Khamenei in this year’s New Year’s message explicitly stated: The principle of the matter is that the Iranian nation must be able to work out its vulnerability to the threats and hostilities of the enemy. We must do nothing to threaten the vulnerable enemies. The vulnerability should be zero.

Sajad Abedi
Sajad Abedi
National Security and Defense Think Tank