US and Pakistan: A dreadful embarked journey

United States and Pakistan have ties on several fragile issues for decades. Both the states boosted their public diplomacy through many channels like cultural exchange programmes and full bright scholarships sponsored by the US. United States, in its righteous might, has been denounced for its nasty and betrayal nature by different inferior powers around the globe. Occasionally, whenever US offers implementation of lopsided interests it draws flak by the scholastic section of a country. Usually, US uses certain tools to seduce others by providing funds, loans and many other opportunities for the students and youngsters but whenever interests are fulfilled it gets deviated from the contract and criticizes the policies of Pakistan.

The year 2018 may be the worst of the lot for the US-Pakistan’s associations and diplomacy. Recently after the election of President Donald Trump the situation has been dramatically changed. The inconsistent speeches and making diatribe by both the foreign ministries and the uplifting of the aids by the US have alarmed the government of Pakistan.US criticized Islamabad for providing safe havens to the terrorists. Both the country’s public have communication gaps when they criticize each other. A survey portrays a clear-cut replica of Pak-US relations in which it was measured that about 90% of the Pakistani public have a very bad image of US.

The image of Pakistan as a terrorist sponsoring state should be countered because it has been granted the right to defend its policies and its international image. Both the states should use the public diplomacy efforts to bridge the differences between the public of the two countries. Pakistan has been in a negative limelight for many years because of its security challenges, therefore public diplomacy should be used as a powerful tool to strengthen the image of the state which will help prospering the state by the investment of foreign investors within the state. Pakistan should work on its public diplomacy to improve its image as peaceful state. Pakistan top think tanks and political elites should work on the strategy for promoting good image of Pakistan in the world.

As India has overshadowed the image of Pakistan, therefore more effective measures should be taken. Pakistan should promote its image as a soft power state and enhance ties with states on cultural and public settings. Both the states academia should be involved in flourishing state image. Different programmes should be initiated for the young people in order to know the values and cultures of each other. Different cultural festivals should be held in order to promote diverse cultural aspects of Pakistan. Tourism opportunities should be provided to foreign state. US students should be welcomed in order to know the state of Pakistan, that it is a peaceful state not terror sponsoring state. The US students  should be facilitated to visit different regions of Pakistan i.e. historical heritages like Mohenjo-Daro, Taxila, Rohtas fort, Takhtbhai etc. they should be given chance to conduct lectures, conferences and seminars in order to exchange ideas between the public of two states. Pakistan should pursue strong relations with the powerful states for long run stability.