Arrivedo: Technology For Host From Peru

As San Francisco, London or Paris positions as top global tech hubs, emerging cities like Lima in Perú are starting to consolidate a tech scene. How can Lima, Peru better compete with technology to shine globally? Arrivedo proposal: focusing on the know-how / essence of its people might be a good idea. How this works?

You don’t leave Peru without falling in love with its people, correct? No surprise, Peru is land of great hosts; and hotels are professional hosts by definition.

So let’s check on Peru’s hospitality industry. We have wonderful hosts from high-end hotels like Inkaterra, to luxuries Mountain Lodges of Peru, to the locally developed Casa Andina Hotel Chain, all the way to hostels as Pariwana Hostels chain. All of these examples are recognized internationally. These hospitality professionals have sold more than just beds, crafting wonderful experiences in-destination for guests. It is not new that hotels not only in Peru are trying to “compete by selling room with experiences“.

For all of these, Arrivedo thinks Peru has the perfect conditions to see technologies emerge to help hotels become better local hosts.

Previously to cofound Arrivedo, I co-founded Pariwana Hostels – 500 beds including Lima, Cusco and now incoming Santiago location. As a passionate hotelier I created this Neighborhood Guide for my guest and updated / reprinted them as I had improvements. I was surprised that pre-Arrivedo there was no online platform welcoming the hotel advice to guests. I didn’t have a place to upload all of my recommendations so I had to create my own printed map! I thought, from the traveler side, wouldn’t they love a platform consolidating top local knowledge around every hotel in the world? For this questions I move momentarily to Silicon Valley to pursue this global opportunity. There I partner up with Rodrigo Lopez, a Peruvian tech designer that leads our team from there.

So what is Arrivedo? The first online platform that brings together hotel search engine with curated content.

In Arrivedo, travelers explore a unique Neighborhood Guide for hotels, which allows them to search for attractions, walking distance recommendations, personalize routes and experiences in the area. We are giving hotels a voice as hosts, through a one-stop shop where travelers can book hotels with unique content, so travelers can make more insightful decisions based on location surrounding activities.

Arrivedo is on a mission to organize one Neighborhood Guide for every hotel in the world, including past guest comments on the area!  We enable hotels to organize their local knowledge to compete with Airbnb that is currently attracting travelers searching for local experiences. We make it super easy for hotels, as they only have to hire a writer from our community of freelance travel writers. The writer then interviews the hotel to curate and personalized the hotel’s Neighborhood Guides. As of today 600 hotels in the world (in 120 cities) organize a NG with us, including hotels that run under recognized brands such as Waldorf Astoria, JW Marriott, Ritz Carlton and more as shown in this link.