Destroy your missiles then talk about ours

These days, in an unprecedented way, the United States is rolling down the hill faster than ever towards some sort of societal collapse and the waning of its international hegemony.

In reality, the White House “tenants”, relying too much on behind the scene think tanks, has wrongly sought the solution in finding allies in the international arena, and not by confronting the actual problems.

To escape the apparent chaos, Washington has picked the Islamic Republic of Iran to blame for its ills. Thus, the western security services and their Arab allies in the Middle East have spared no effort to create internal division, turmoil and chaos in Iran and to criticize Iran’s unrelated human rights, missile defense and alleged nuclear issues.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s actions at the Munich Security Conference last month, along with a British-drafted resolution against Tehran recently backed by US Ambassador to United Nations Nikki Haley, have all aimed to demonize Iran.

At the conference, Netanyahu, with the blood of Palestinians on his hands, showed a piece of the wreckage of the Iranian unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that was shot down by Israel a month ago.

Recently, the UK drafted a UN Security Council resolution condemning Iran for violating the arms embargo on Yemen and calling for measures to address this alleged violation. US demands to limit Iran’s ballistic missile program are, however, an unreachable goal portraying Washington’s failures in the region.

Meanwhile, Tehran has repeatedly declared that its defense capability is not up for negotiation and bargaining as it would put the country’s security in a compromising position.

It is a given that the only way to reach peace and tranquility in the world is for the US and its European allies to review and halt policies that have led to the bloodshed and killing of defenseless and innocent people in Palestine, Yemen, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other countries.

Thus, I suggest that Washington end its long-range ballistic missile and nuclear weapons programs so that the attitude of people in Iran and elsewhere towards the US shifts towards trust and potential accord.

First published in our partner Mehr News Agency