Extremism Has No Place in Political Discourse

The world’s leaders have as of recently begun escalating a war of words with fiery rhetoric – but none of them can claim that they have the ultimate moral authority on everything.

While certain groups like to claim that the “other side” is the harbinger of hatred, evil and discrimination, that “target” almost always has an equally powerful and countervailing viewpoint, backed up by hundreds of millions of people.

The point being that, in this day and age of nuclear cataclysm, the world’s leaders (global and local) no longer have the option of using fiery, divisive rhetoric to justify their political, and constituents’ aims.

While this type of loud nonsense worked well for pre-modern day demagogues like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Kruschev, and others, today in the modern age where 8 billion can communicate in real-time using the internet and social media, it is downright dangerous, misguided and stupid.

There are no more “good guys” and “bad guys,” no more “boogeymen” hiding under the bed, only hundreds of millions of people at polar opposites of the political spectrum who will all die if their elected (and unelected) leaders succeed at irresponsibly baiting the nuclear beast.

Today’s leaders must take stock, and take a step back, and realize that their first and chief order of business should be, not to kill all of their own people.

This means that fiery provocative rhetoric, no matter how angry or indignant or cornered that they feel, simply does not do anything but bring the world closer to nuclear annihilation.

And while certain segments of the global population automatically assume that their constituent base is the “end all, be all” viewpoint as to how the world should work, the fact remains that no one, no race, no religion, no ethnicity, no creed, no political viewpoint has the ultimate solution or answer to the problems facing the world today (if they did, their opponents would not exist today, due to the evolutionary process of natural selection).

The recent world news is rife with political, divisive rhetoric, from all sides of the religious, political, ethnic, racial, and identity politics spectrum, all for their own political benefit.

So while this past week, many of the world’s people were upset with President Donald Trump’s “shithole” comment, other parts of the world’s people were equally upset with Democratic Congressman Luis Gutierrez’ equally idiotic and offensive comment that Trump was some type of “Neo-Nazi” or “KKK” leader.

This type of “tennis-like” analysis can go back, and stretch the lines of time, all around the world, to the earliest days of human existence, with “tit for tat” comments and statements with no better etiology than the “chicken and egg” archetype – which came first, and who started this verbal exchange/diatribe?

Unfortunately since the dawn of time, the world’s most well-funded and political masters of the universe, the global oligarchs, have always used this “us and them” type of dichotomy, using their “useful idiots” strategically placed within governments all around the world, for their own selfish “divide and conquer” strategies, only to further enrich their own pockets and consolidate and strengthen their own power, at the expense of eradicating and exterminating the world’s, and their own, people.

So for minorities to accuse majorities, or majorities to accuse minorities, is both irrelevant and sad, because there are no longer any “minorities” or “majorities” anymore, just interlinked factions all across the globe, each in the hundreds of millions of souls.

To that end, before a leader, any leader, speaks, the first order of business should be: “who is this statement going to offend, and what are the consequences?”

Rahul D. Manchanda, Esq.
Rahul D. Manchanda, Esq.
Ranked amongst Top Attorneys in the United States by Newsweek Magazine in 2012 and 2013.