Cooperation, Not Sanctions, Will Make America Great Again

Someone needs to tell President Donald Trump that his own U.S. Treasury Department chief, Steve Mnuchin, mass purveyor of reckless and short-sighted economic trade sanctions, is undermining his ability to truly make America great again.

While the rest of the world trades freely, now in multiple currencies, the constant bullying, threats and intimidation by the neo-cons  begging for more violent and destructive “foreign interventions,” resulting in countless millions dead all over the world, sovereign nations ruined, and new state led enemies vowing to destroy America for ending their existence, the United States is becoming more and more isolated, hated and reviled, while its people and small businesses get choked to death because they can no longer trade with the new, countless, and ever growing list of “enemies.”

This is all the while the major international corporations and banks, who have absolutely no loyalty to the U.S.A., continue to trade freely, avoiding these proverbial “sanctions” by merely bypassing international laws and restrictions, changing corporate forms and home state identities to continue on, business as usual.

Much like the  crazed misguided neo-cons who have physically destroyed or infiltrated foreign governments, arming/backing open terrorist groups to kill off other countries, the “U.S. Treasury Neo-Cons” are using the “power of the international purse” to further this agenda of ruining other nations economically, while also at the same time making middle Americans hated and their small businesses being driven into bankruptcy and destruction, not even being able to safely travel out of their own borders anymore.

Again, these “flyover” Americans within the U.S. Government watch with wry smiles as their fellow countrymen are being destroyed and plundered with the ad hoc, flippant “rules” that they create, while continuing on making even more money than before, by having one foot within the international corporate and banking structures, owing no allegiance whatsoever to America.

Now, with the latest idiotic and foolhardy develoment of  Steve Mnuchin cutting out the People’s Republic of China out of the American sphere of trade influence, coming quickly on the heels of cutting out Russia and Iran, these latter 2 nations heavily involved in the burgeoning, extremely wealthy, and cash/resource rich trade zone of Eurasia, the U.S.A. might as well declare bankruptcy now, and dissolve its founding documents and constitution.

The only nations in the world that benefit now, are the ones that jump ship and abandon the U.S. petrodollar because they quite simply, have to survive, feed their people, and maintain their national infrastructure.

The unilateral actions of the U.S. Treasury Department have now forced the economic unification of the greatest competing economic powers in the world, namely, Russia, China, Iran and other oil/gas/resource rich nations in order to survive, grow, and prosper.

Now even small nations like Venezuela are finding the balls to dump the U.S. dollar, because they know that they will be quickly scooped up by these B.R.I.C.S. nations in a heartbeat for trade, loans, project finance, and even defense cooperation.

The lunatics are clearly in charge of the nut house in the U.S. Government, and it would be hilarious if it did not inevitably wind up in the end of America.

Cooperation and diplomacy is the key to international success and making America great again, not folding up into a fetal position, and sucking our proverbial “thumb” in the corner, wailing and crying in a temper tantrum while the international “adults in the room” continue to play and trade and work together for a better world.

As Adam Garrie of the Duran newspaper writes in his seminal article “China helps Venezuela and Iran against unilateral US sanctions: China walks through the doors the US has left wide open,” the writing is unfortunately already on the wall.

The U.S.A. needs to pull up its international economic/trade proverbial “airplane” before it crashes into the equally metaphoric “mountain” of existential ruin.

Rahul D. Manchanda, Esq.
Rahul D. Manchanda, Esq.
Ranked amongst Top Attorneys in the United States by Newsweek Magazine in 2012 and 2013.