Netanyahu Needs to Officially Condemn Discrimination For His Own Legacy, and Israel’s

Benjamin Netanyahu needs to publicly and officially establish Israel’s policies on state-sanctioned discrimination or he will not only destroy his own legacy, but he will drag Israel into the abyss with him.

Jewish people all around the world like to celebrate and extol that they are often at the forefront of civil rights, human rights, progressivism, and “human evolution” when it comes to pushing the human race forward in terms of viewpoints on race, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, national origin, and skin color.

But for some reason, Israel was founded by well known and rabid racists, sexists, and men who openly espoused and propagated the most barbaric and crude personal beliefs and sentiments on all of the above issues, such as David Ben Gurion.

And it is only getting worse under the Netanyahu Presidency.

Billions of social media users all across the world, whether it is through FaceBook or Twitter, or other mechanisms, are treated to an almost daily regimen of videos and photographs of state-sanctioned violence, racism, discrimination, bullying, and apartheid by Israeli police, military, government officials, and citizens against seemingly and relatively powerless people, and it is making the world collectively sick to their stomach to see this, even though the Israeli government under Netanyahu is openly and aggressively working with and collaborating with these social media companies to stifle and censor such news.

It is no longer acceptable or believable for Netanyahu and his ilk to proclaim that this is being done for the sake of Israeli security and safety, that they are at “war” with Islamic Fundamentalism, because only last week the State of Israel also placed a formal and permanent ban on gay marriage – and this also indicates Israel’s strong move to a normalized status of hatred, exclusion, and state-sanctioned discrimination, of all people not created in Netanyahu or his oligarchy backers’ likeness.

Israel is also engaging in increased, augmented, open, and abject discrimination against women, and even internally against different populations of their own Israeli Jews, based on race, skin color, ethnicity, and national origin.

How can depriving its own Jewish people who differ with regards to race, sexual orientation, religious differences, skin color, and national origin help Israeli security?

The fact is, it doesn’t.

With these new policy moves Israel under Netanyahu has openly revealed his viewpoints and those of his most vocal and cash-rich supporters.

If Israel truly wants to fulfill its stated objective of being a “beacon of light unto the nations” then it needs to quickly and unequivocally condemn officially all acts and patterns of discrimination, if not for Benjamin Netanyahu’s own legacy, then for Israel’s.

The fact remains that there are 198 nations within the United Nations, and the vast majority are non-white, and an even larger majority are non-Jewish.

To that end, with Israel offending and insulting each and every single other nation on planet earth, this is resulting in a self-fulfilling prophecy, creating a slow, agonizing, inevitable destruction and state suicide.

Unless a government is bought and paid for with its leadership and oligarchy class by Israel’s oligarch supporters/backers, that nation will openly condemn and detest the State of Israel and Netanyahu under the Likud party, because Israel and Netanyahu hated and discriminated against them, and their people, first.

One must seriously question the sanity and long-term strategy of President Benjamin Netanyahu for not seeing the hugely problematic Public Relations nightmare that he has caused for Israel and his own government, fanning the flames to make it even worse.

It is not just the Palestinian Arab Muslims that he and Israel are crushing under the wheels of their tanks anymore, or who’s houses they are firebombing, or schools they are destroying, or drinking water they are cutting off or polluting, it is now also apparently anyone who does not fit within the racial, ethnic, skin color, sexual orientation, national origin or even sect of Judaism that Benjamin Netanyahu and the oligarchy class of Israeli leadership and corporate/banking powers that they belong to.

And in this way, he has ensured that Israel will implode from the inside, rather than from any real (or imagined) powers from outside of it.

And this is truly a sad development.

The only question that remains is whether or not this is accidentally happening, or is this being done purposefully, and who is driving this suicide mission of pushing Israel (and Netanyahu) off the proverbial cliff?

Rahul D. Manchanda, Esq.
Rahul D. Manchanda, Esq.
Ranked amongst Top Attorneys in the United States by Newsweek Magazine in 2012 and 2013.