Great World Powers Should Not Remain Oblivious Of Internal Corruption of Other Nations


[yt_dropcap type=”square” font=”” size=”14″ color=”#000″ background=”#fff” ] I [/yt_dropcap]n a vain attempt to streamline global new world order governance, it is sometimes very tempting for “macro” world leaders to simply implement domestic and global policies which completely steam roll over the rights of their individual citizens, for purposes of ease of control and rule, rather than taking the time out to deal with, and rectify, the multiple internecine conflicts, fundamental denials of human and civil rights, race/religious/ethnic tensions, and the rampant injustices which plague their people.

This type of behavior is the mark of a lazy world leader, and their best defense from outside scrutiny and criticism of the methods they use to quash their own people’s hopes and dreams is by knee-jerk declaring that they are protected from outside scrutiny by the doctrine of “sovereign immunity,” which is an international law concept declaring that a country has the absolute right to monitor and control their own internal domestic policies and procedures, without outside influence and interference from other sovereign nations.

However, what happens when that small handful of influential, powerful, and wealthy global world leaders are business partners, friends, cronies, or connected to those other equally culpable world leaders?

How is that 5 or 6 global world leaders with any degree of power and wealth, can stifle and crush the hopes and dreams of the 8 billion people in the world?

The disappointments, human and civil liberties tramplings, and the deeply ingrained and systemic corruption, endemic within much of the world’s countries, is not something to simply brush aside and coverup, under the guise of smooth global governance and streamlining, and must be closely monitored by other nations.

In this vein, once again, the United Nations must do its job.

At least within the United Nations, there are 193 member nations which all have leaders who can actually do something about these issues.

Rahul D. Manchanda, Esq.
Rahul D. Manchanda, Esq.
Ranked amongst Top Attorneys in the United States by Newsweek Magazine in 2012 and 2013.