Italians for Trump: Interview with Gianmario Ferramonti

[yt_dropcap type=”square” font=”” size=”14″ color=”#000″ background=”#fff” ] A [/yt_dropcap] special conversation with the Italian entrepreneur and founder of Italians for Trump, Gianmario Ferramonti, about the election of Donald Trump and his future as U.S. President.

Why you founded Italians for Trump and what are your next goals and projects?

It is very easy to answer this question. I had been living in New York thirty-five years ago and I had the chance to meet Donald Trump. I remember he was just a young guy and was already a known constructor, as his father was a constructor too. He impressed me since he was so determined and had a vision not only in the business. So, I wondered why not one day this guy could be the new President of the United States?

When I heard for the first time he was planning his candidacy for the Republican primary, I thought he was an outsider, not a professional politician because the choice of the establishment as the next President was Jeb Bush who was built to be like his father and brother.

I have a lot of friends in America, not only in the business but also in the administration and in the Intelligence Agencies, so I decided to do something to help President Trump to win.

For example, I convinced many Italo-Americans, one of the biggest communities in the United States that usually used to vote for Democrats, to vote for Donald Trump.

In particular, in a special dinner at the influent NIAF (National Italian American Foundation) I convinced Mr. Enzo De Chiara, who is a great person in the US, Mr. Clayton King, who is one of the leaders of the American black community and Mr. Nick Aiello through the American-Sicilian community to support Donald Trump’s candidature.


From left to right: Mr. Clayton, Mr. De Chiara and Mr. Ferramonti at NIAF special dinner

Regarding the next projects of the Association, it was built up just for supporting him to become President. A lot of friends want to convert it into a party, but I am not sure that we need it. I don’t think that we have to copy what is happening in America. We have to make Italy great again, only by our shoulders without any help coming from abroad.

Your thoughts on the first one hundred days and how do you see Trump’s future?

In the first hundred days, he did an incredible amount of things. What I like more is the stop of TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and the decision on the FBI Director. The last thing I like more is that he is a good friend of Russia, and a great alliance between US and Russia is mandatory.

Now President Trump will find an awful amount of difficulties because there is bureaucracy he cannot avoid. They will make a war against him and they are talking every day about impeachment for the reason that Flynn has been talking with the Russian, but I think we are lucky that he was talking with the Russians since they are friends, not enemies. So I think that one of these days President Trump will say: “You know what? I go back to my wonderful life and do whatever you like!”

In that case, I am sure that Vice President Michael Pence will be a very good President, so we are lucky that America with Trump or Pence for the next years will be in good hands.


U.S. Vice-President Michael Pence and Michael Bagleys