Lithuanian emigrant’s cry from the heart


[yt_dropcap type=”square” font=”” size=”14″ color=”#000″ background=”#fff” ] I [/yt_dropcap] am a Lithuanian, but I live abroad and I am not going back. At least now, at least until the government does not pay attention to its people. According to some authoritative research institutes, during 2017 Lithuania population is again projected to decrease (by 45 677 people!) and reach 2 758 290 in the beginning of 2018.

As of 1 January 2017, the population of Lithuania was estimated to be 2 803 967 people. This is a decrease of 1.63 % (46 433 people) compared to population of 2 850 400 the year before. In other words, our nation is slowly disappearing.

Everyone except Government knows the reasons why people leave the country. It is not difficult to understand. I can explain why my family left. Simply we need food, clothes and medical care. Our children need good education. And the most important thing is we want to be sure of the future. Simple things for simple people.

Instead of doing practical things, our authorities just do everything to make Lithuanians leave. For example, data released by Statistics Lithuania on January 9 showed that in December, 2016 prices increased in all but three segments, with a 6.2% boost in the hotels, cafes, and restaurants sector, services became 2.4% more expensive. This is only one example.

Along with emigration and unstable economy, another alarming moment is attempt to make us live in fear. Lithuanians are sick and tired of fear! People even lost the sense of reality. They do not understand if it is good or bad when the number of foreign troops in small Lithuanian town is equal to the number of locals.

Surely, Lithuanian economy needs foreign investments, but who will come and invest in the country that leaves in expectation of war? Lithuanian authorities try to persuade the whole world that military aggression and the seizure of our territories are inevitable and at the same time say that Lithuania waits for foreign business and it create for it favorable conditions. Does the government really think that foreign businessmen are so stupid to invest money in the country that probably in some months will be the arena of war?

Do you know that all these foreign soldiers demand even more than we, Lithuanians? Once decided to deploy them, Lithuania has pledged to support them. Do you know how much? No one knows the exact figures, but everyone understands – huge amount of money! For example Japan pays more than $800,000 a year. Are we ready for it?

Governments, call me back, do something; convince me and others to return, promise Lithuanians to make our lives better at home and support us. It may be surprising to you, my Government, but not only guests, immigrants and foreign troops need help, support and high quality of life in Lithuania. We, Lithuanians, need it more.

I want, but I can’t go back to Lithuania now…