Drain The Neo-Con/Neo-Liberal Deep State Micro-Swamp

Now that President Donald Trump is, in a lightening fast, almost blitzkrieg manner, using his first weeks to pass monumentally powerful Executive Orders, in order to demolish and devastate the existing United States Deep State Neo-Conservative/Neo-Liberal Establishment, he must also simultaneously watch his back and be cognizant of the tens of millions of government micro-infiltrators, still taking their marching orders from the proverbial “head of the snake.”

In other words, the devil is in the details in that the minions, troops, order-followers, agents, and hatchet men (and women) of the U.S. Deep State Neo-Conservative/Neo-Liberal Establishment still lurk in the shadows, populating nearly every aspect and level of the U.S. Government, from the top on down, to the most low level staffer in the administrative offices of every locale, in every state, city, town, and municipality in America.

And just because their jobs may be small, or their jurisdiction, their potential to do great harm still exists.

When Vladimir Putin took power back from the Oligarchs/Plutocrats in Russia in the late 1990s early 2000s, he was also faced with a daunting task, but Donald Trump’s job is going to be much harder.

Because in Russia, they did not have as much of a free press who could criticize him so freely, and also Russia had a much more top-down, executory, and iron fist brand of legislative/executive power, wherein the President could issue edicts and orders, smashing the obstacles to his power and would-be usurpers/saboteurs within his own government one by one, or group by group, thus helping to ensure the ultimate success of his agenda of pure love and loyalty to his Russian People.

But in America, we have these great gifts with the “free press,” “freedom of speech,” and “whistleblower protection,” which, if taken at face value, are extremely great and wonderful things, but if taken in the context that our macro (and micro) government employees have been thoroughly stocked and decked with Deep State Neo-Con/Neo-Liberal loyalists for the better part of the last 8 years under the Obama Administration, and actually even 28-30 years if you include the successive Neo-Con/Neo-Liberal regimes under Presidents Obama, George W Bush, Clinton, and George H W Bush Sr, the American People might be in big trouble.

This is because these Deep State Neo-Con/ Neo-Liberal Establishment government infiltrators/agents by and large have been conditioned to HATE Donald Trump, everything that he stands for, and by proxy, everything that the vast majority of Americans have also woken up to stand for – which is a peaceful non-violent revolution against the Globalist New World Order Deep State Oligarchs/Plutocrats manifesting themselves with their Neo-Con/Neo-Liberal agents manning every governmental (and mainstream media) job from the lowest level post office worker, to the local police department/district attorney/prosecutors office, federal and state judiciary, attorneys general in all 50 states, governors, congressmen, senators – hell, even the DMV in each and every state.

The enormous potential for sabotage, politically motivated investigations/ prosecutions/ indictments/ civil lawsuits, and other types of proverbial “throwing a monkey wrench” into the well-oiled pro-America First machine that President Donald Trump is now trying to feverishly re-construct and re-build is at huge, great risk from the potential enemies within.

President Donald Trump needs to take immediate preventative and precautionary measures to ensure that none of his executive actions, cabinet members, government appointees, agenda, or even citizen loyalists do not get “picked off” one by one by the Deep State Neo-Con/Neo-Liberal remnant infiltrators currently inhabiting his own government, like so many sleeper cells within any terrorist infrastructure.

Each and every investigation, prosecution, indictment, civil lawsuit, or targeted legal harassment against President Donald Trump must now be fully vetted and viewed with a jaundiced eye by the American People, because George Soros’ self-described “Purple Revolution” declared after the defeat of his hand-picked successor, Hillary and Bill Clinton, is far from over yet.

And people like George Soros, who recently went on record stating that he was lobbying and paying for new prosecutors and district attorneys all across the United States to “go after” individual conservatives or other pro America-Firsters, or anyone else on his and his colleagues’ “shit list,” should fill every patriotic American’s heart with abject cold and icy fear, terror, and then anger.

The Second American Revolution isn’t over just yet, in fact, it is only just beginning, and the Globalist Deep State Neo-Con/Neo-Liberal Establishment Empire is 100% totally and completely confident that it will eventually quash this “impudent insurrection,” and mightily and handily crush this “upstart rebellion” in the form of Donald Trump and his hundreds of millions of American (and global) followers.

We as Americans must be eternally vigilant, especially now, if we wish to remain as a Free People – and this must be accomplished by staying loyal to our President, being exceedingly wary and suspicious over any investigation/prosecution/indictment/civil lawsuit instigated by any of the Deep State Oligarch/Plutocrat Neo-Con/Neo-Liberal Establishment infiltrator remnants of the previous 30 years of their regime control, or any other targeted harassment/sabotage against both him, his Cabinet, his newly forming government, and above all, his loyalists within the American general population, on both the federal macro level, all the way down to the local micro level, just like the Russian People did under their much beloved and heroic President Vladimir Putin of Russia, who, as promised, eventually and ultimately delivered his People from the evil of the Oligarchs/Plutocrats in the form of the Communists, plaguing his nation from 1917 to 1999.

Rahul D. Manchanda, Esq.
Rahul D. Manchanda, Esq.
Ranked amongst Top Attorneys in the United States by Newsweek Magazine in 2012 and 2013.