Perhaps President Donald Trump Needs To Chill Out A Bit

While the vast majority of President Donald Trump’s lightening fast and blitzkrieg-like Executive Orders over the past week and a half appear to have been positively aimed primarily at improving the U.S. Economy, augmenting the creation of U.S. well paying and stable jobs, building and re-instituting industry and manufacturing within the United States, and by and large removing excessive governmental largesse and over-regulation that stifles job growth and economic freedom.

The recent Executive Orders pertaining to blanket Refugee Bans and Immigration shutdowns from countries based primarily on religion, race or ethnicity appear to go way too far, and punish the victims of the global Oligarchs/Plutocrats and their stupid foreign wars and conflicts, the latter of which Presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared to want to take on.

The last few Executive Orders pertaining to Refugees and Immigration appear to not have been very well thought through, and the etiology/genesis of the refugee crisis and immigration issues were either completely ignored, or Trump and his administration don’t understand it very well.

These Refugee/Immigration Executive Orders appear to be knee-jerk, fear-based, and xenophobic acts of reflexive anger and emotional “lashing out,” rather than well-thought out policy and heavily researched executive action.

In fact, as immediate responses to these misguided Executive Actions, Iran (a potential ally actually fighting against ISIS along with Russia) has angrily also clamped down and shut down visa issuance to Americans, as have several other nations important to the U.S. economy, international relations, and human rights, while North Korea has responded by bizarrely firing up its nuclear reactor today in preparation for something not so nice.

This is actually worsening our relationship with countries which the United States could do great things with economically, strategically, militarily, and internationally.

Only Saudi Arabia, one of the greatest violators of international human rights, and allegedly the main proxy ring-leader of the 911 attacks, can still travel freely in and out of the United States – because it is not even on that 7 country ban list – how in the hell does that make any sense?

Not only that, but Trump’s enemies and detractors within the United States like Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and his ilk are also milking this one as much as they can, in order to completely and totally undermine Donald Trump’s Presidency and the truly great things that he wants to accomplish over the next 4 years, falling into their trap, adding fuel to their fire, alienating his loyalists and supporters, and weakening his own bully pulpit.

Meanwhile Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu is smiling and rubbing his hands because for the first time in a few years, someone else is being accused of being the greatest human/civil rights violator in the universe.

Politics is not business – and this is the type of arena where swift, decisive, uninformed, “both feet in,” ill-advised executive action is not always the best decision, because of the vast domestic and international political/economic fallout.

We are not dealing with “widgets” here, but with people.

This is also where it appears that the similarities between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin end – the latter being a calm, cool, collected, deliberate, and icy cold decision-maker after having first been provided full intelligence briefings, understanding the political/economic fallout/risks, and then making a quick lightening-like move as if he was playing a game of chess.

Sun Tzu one said “all battles are won before they are fought.”

There is no question that these last above described Executive Orders need to be tempered down, amended, and possibly modified, as soon as possible, in order to prevent further damage to the United States and its interests.

Donald Trump and his administration need to go back to their Intelligence Community and re-educate themselves on the origin and genesis of terrorism and the individuals involved – more often than not, they are agents of the wealthy globalists, oligarchs, and plutocrats (like Saudi Arabia, who are laughing their collective asses off because they are not being banned), not the poor men, women, children and war-ravaged refugees of the countries that America, European NATO, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel have pre-emptively and without provocation bombed the shit out of, in the first place.

This is a classic case of treating the symptoms, and not the disease.

Rahul D. Manchanda, Esq.
Rahul D. Manchanda, Esq.
Ranked amongst Top Attorneys in the United States by Newsweek Magazine in 2012 and 2013.