The beginning of a new chapter of proxy war in Afghanistan

After the end of the cold war and end of multi-polar world order many strategists and political analyst believed that is to be the beginning of an end to the long proxy war “the proxy war between Soviet Union its allies and US and its allies” in Afghanistan which caused millions of Afghan citizens dead, paralyzed and displaced.

Soon after the so-called 9 11 phenomenon, US revitalized its great middle-east strategy in order to dominate and pursue its geo-political objectives in the region US, NATO and other Strategic allies of America stationed thousands of troops in the country to fight the so-called Al-Qaida and its allies the Taliban movement in Afghanistan and Pakistan as part of the US war on terror strategy despite the heavily armed presence of US and its allies in the region no sign of eradication of the radical Islam is witnessed, rather radical Islamic movements (Al-Qaida, Taliban, Lashkar-Tuiba and so on)got robust and are beyond the termination.

In accordance with the UN recent report since the commencement of the war on terror ( the summer 2001 till the summer 2016) which resulted the death of more than 33 thousand civilian, hundreds of thousands displaced and thousands more youths and educationalists rushed to EU specially to Germany in order to chase better future as they have believed that there is no prospective in the country and Afghanistan faced a dead-end and a new phase of far more dangerous and complex proxy war than of the cold war era comes about in the country because the recent proxy war has number of sectarianistic and ethnic aspects as scores of the countries warming up to fight against one another thru their proxies in Afghanistan.

As German-NATO general at Marmal base in Maza-e-sharif in the north of Afghanistan narrated that we have to get ready for more prolonged war in the country, according to former Lieutenant General Rainer Glatz commander of German forces command Potsdam and Major General Markus Kneip commander of RC North and according to some sources in MAD the military wing of German intelligence a new front is due to be established in northern Afghanistan as IS (formerly known as ISIL and ISIS) to launch a warfare in the northern Afghanistan in relation to my recent discussion with Markus Gruebel Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Defense of Germany he indicated that his information recounts that IS in Afghanistan is an independent movement and is not controlled by the Arab IS he believes that the nature of Afghans signifies they never accept to be directed and dictated by unpopular foreigners in the country but some situational reports describe that Russia and its allies Iran, China, Hizbullah and Huthies support Shiite Islam to fight ISIS on the other side Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Turkey and some western countries hold up ISIS to brawl Russian and Iranian proxies in the country it means Saudi Arabia the strategic partner of America plus Qatar, UAE and Turkey support Suni Islam, they seek to bring the middle east conflict to Afghanistan, furthermore Pakistan supports Pashtons and India supports Tajiks and Baluches they endeavor to fetch the Kashmir inconsistency to the country.

Subsequently, IS (ISIL, ISIS) and Taliban are Trojan horses that the west and its strategic allies of the Islamic world have put inside the Afghan domestic situation in order to contain Russia, according to intelligence information Badakhshan province in the north of Afghanistan will be established as the de-facto capital of IS which would boil down a race between west and Russian in Afghanistan.

Ajmal Sohail
Ajmal Sohail
Ajmal Sohail is a graduate in terrorism and extremism studies from both Leiden University in the Netherlands and Maryland University in the United States; he works in the meantime as an intelligence analyst and Counter-terrorism expert. He does remain well connected with the political players in his country, both those physically in Afghanistan and those working from outside, allowing him to gain insights into the extremely complex geopolitical situation in Afghanistan and in the South Asia region. He is the co-founder and co-president of the Counter Narco-Terrorism Alliance Germany, directing its intelligence and counter-terrorism portfolios. His analysis is regularly featured in various international news outlets, print and television and he even runs his own sources to get the most classified Intel. His analysis and other content can be accessed at his personal website: