Call For Papers for the Journal of Rising Powers

There will be no bloc of ‘emerging economies’ rising up to challenge the Western order. But what comes next may be more chaotic and dangerous.” ~ Suzanne Nossel, July 6, 2016 Foreign Policy

Modern Diplomacy is pleased to announce a call for papers for the Journal of Rising Powers, a new analytical magazine dedicated to assessing the contemporary chaos that is the ebb and flow of tension when Big Powers inevitably comingle with Rising Powers on the global stage.

Back in 2008 it was easy to see scholars, analysts and diplomats all clamoring about the coming global transformation, where American hegemony would be on the wane and soon challenged and overcome by new powers and new power organizations like BRICS and MINT. That prophecy no longer seems destined for realization. And yet it also does not signal that American power will remain ascendant. Indeed, if anything, the new world of global affairs and power positioning is one of constant flux, dynamic interaction, and unreliability. The Journal of Rising Powers seeks contributors who want to dive deep into these processes, revealing the subtle nuances rarely addressed in media today. Geographically open and thematically broad, the Journal of Rising Powers is most interested in talented writers who are able to make connective bridges between established powers and rising powers, in the new initiatives, strategies, and policies that potentially challenge the global order or conversely seek to concretize the existing system, across politics, diplomacy, military, technology, economics, and intelligence.

Research should be rigorous, writing intellectual but accessible, and topics clearly have impact on the global community. Commentaries should run between 1000-1500 words while longer substantive analytical pieces can run to 3500 words. Unsolicited articles are welcome but potential ideas can also be submitted to the editor-in-chief.