US and Russia decide for Europe


Surprisingly, but despite the tough political confrontation two world superpowers: the US and Russia have much in common. They very often behave the same way. This is particularly evident in political and military spheres. Their main common feature that usually threatens the smaller states is absolute autonomy in their actions while achieving the status of “superstate”.

The rest of the world becomes a hostage of Russia’s and the US’ decisions and policies. Unfortunately, today the role of “hostage” has gone to Europe. It is Europe who has to change its mind and abandon traditional values, review its policies and even plans for further development.

One example is rising defense spending by both sides that has lead to the parallel European response.

Russia increased its military spending last year by 7.5 percent to $66.4 billion. The United States in its turn remained the leader, accounting for 36 percent of all military spending in the world, according to the SIPRI report. In 2015, Washington increased its defense expenditure 2.4 percent to $596 billion. As a result European NATO states have to declare the planning rise of their military spending for the first time in nearly a decade.

Another recent example that shows existing dependence on each other’s steps is a grandiose Russia’s military parade in Moscow on May 9, 2016. It was held to demonstrate Russia’s military power and its new defense capabilities. The US was also not left out: over 1400 soldiers and 400 vehicles displayed their “dynamic presence” in Europe during Dragoon Ride II. Dragoon Ride is a 2,200-kilometer trek from Germany to Estonia, en route to Saber Strike 16. This convoy will continue through Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and finally ending in Estonia.

U.S. units about to take part in the Saber Strike training exercise in the Baltic countries in June on Friday started a vehicle road. A column of US tanks and vehicles maneuver through smoke and dust to demonstrate Russia the US’s power and resolve.

Such demonstrations of superiority and military might stir up the situation in Europe and divide people into those who support militarization of the region and those who strongly oppose. It should be said that anti-NATO moods manifestation become the integral part of any NATO’s large event as well as anti-Russia rhetoric accompanies any Moscow’s actions. A member of a group of Czech and Slovakian soldiers opposed to NATO, described the US soldiers as “aggressors, killers and occupiers” as Dragoon Ride II paraded through the country over the weekend. As well as Russia was harshly criticized by Media for excessive aggressiveness.

Europe turned to be between two sides, and each of them is not supposed to back down. They play cat-and-mouse with smaller countries and do not care about other states’ interests. Smaller countries such as Slovakia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and others look at the US military raid on Europe as if it is normal. While European security first of all is a matter of Europeans themselves.

But Russia and the US ignore the opinion of others, considering their action as the only right steps and do not leave other countries chance to choose its own path.


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