The Immigration Issue


The hundreds of thousands of refugees, that come to Europe in order to survive from war and the hundreds of thousands of immigrants, who move from one European country to others, is expected to become the new major problem, which the European Union will jointly face.

The war in Syria, and the spread of violence and the threat of the Islamic State pushes waves of refugees to Europe. These people are seeking asylum in Europe. At the same time, however, waves of immigrants detected inside the European Union, especially from the Balkan region, who, without official travel documents, are seeking economic survival in the center of Europe. In consequence of all that, Germany only must to consider that around 600,000 people will access the country’s borders this year.

The good weather during the summer provided an opportunity for waves of refugees and immigrants to flow in many Greek islands, having created a state of emergency. The countries that receive waves of immigrants, which at first are the countries, the Europe’s borders, must acquire infrastructure, otherwise the influx will become a chaotic situation.

Angela Merkel, who seems to understand the social implications, which migration issues will create within Europe, in a recent interview she said that EU must distinguish the immigration flow between refugees and economic migrants.

Europe is going through political and social consequences of a recent harsh economic crisis. It should certainly be considered, that an inappropriate or a rough management of the immigration issue will deepen the political crisis within EU. The spread of right extremist forces must be considered as a matter of high risk. Vigilance is needed.

Moreover, the European Union must rise to the occasion and demonstrate that it is an international political force, a humane person, able to overcome internal pressures and assimilate the waves of refugees. Significant financial funds must be allocated to each country that hosts the refugees. They should reside in designated areas with guaranteed satisfactory living conditions at a first stage.

In the core of the strategy, the thought that refugees are here to stay should be central and pivotal. This, actually, means that very soon they need to work in order to survive. The period of hospitality can not last long as these people should socialize, before social problems, as a dramatic consequence of their insecurity, will be created among them. The recording of their skills and their needs must be done immediately in order gradually their labor supply to be recorded. Financial organization work plans must be made. And all these are happening at the same time that internal migration in Europe, in order Europeans to get away from unemployment, has reached its zenith.

Moreover, because of the looming Eurosceptic tendency and the risk of right-wing extremism, the integration of refugees must be combined with the economic benefit from their work. Always the labor force of immigrants helped to GDP growth. Given the exorbitant course of numbers of the coming refugees, the alertness of the state structures must be immediate. There is certainly no time for thinking. This time elapsed. Now we need to implement policies to save people and prevent the social confusion.

Veni Mouzakiari
Veni Mouzakiari
Phd Candidate at the department of International and European Studies, University of Macedonia. Political consultant


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