What Erdogan will do next?


With a very characteristic,(glee), article by the opposition Erdogan Turkish newspaper Cumhürriyet, reported that until yesterday almighty sultan of Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan while coming out every day on the square and screaming in the channels to enforce the world’s absolute sovereignty, dared after notification of the results of elections to climb back on the balcony, but merely a simple written statement calling on parties to behave wisely.

The same man who led Turkey to the great economic miracle of the first decade of the prevalence, now presented as the fatal man that will lead to the disintegration of the country with his erratic Sultan’s arrogance, the provocative antics of such as luxury seraglio who rivaled the sultan palaces, with successive financial scandals of his son Bilal, the justice of the “drowned” under the instructions of, the scandal of the apparent support of the crimes of jihadists from MIT, with its provocative policy towards countries such as Egypt where he wanted to impose and their own status and end the obsession to topple Assad of Syria obsession that caused the enmity of Iran and rivalry with Russia.

But the worst “defeat” was that caused intense internal polarization with many sides who would be delighted to see him disappear from the political scene. With Kemalist know the conflict since the beginning of political prevalence with successive imprisonments Generals often without trial. With the circuit of Fethullah Gkioulen, who at first took advantage to dominate the latest collision had taken terrible dimensions and this caused the repeated massive retired officers of the three armed and the security forces. Kurds despite that launched the process of problem solving; it seemed that in their essence mocked supporting the jihadists against them. Finally the Alevites rivalry remained and grew because of the insistence to impose and those their own Islamic standards. Catalyst in all this was the incipient recession in the country.

By creating a narrow circle favored media in MIT who checked fully and in the armed forces, thought he would become the next Sultan displaying provocative expansionist claims in all directions.

Unfortunately, for this all seems finished. The problem now is that the end of Erdogan suggests the beginning of a long process of destabilization by immeasurable and unknown to this effect.Most strategic analyst predict for the next time “hot” developments in Turkey as another instability created in the region. There is a major risk to see a regional war to try to get a couple of Greek Islands and even Cyprus in order to unite again Turkey and succeed his Dream.

For sure we are in front of serious developments and we should be ready and alert.


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