Situation Urgent and Serious


As we all read and assess and experience the last years the crisis all around the World are too many and overwhelming heading to a most probable Global Confrontation.

The Middle East and surrounding areas and Countries are facing huge threats from extremes barbaric groups like ISIS which have brought by fighting each other and killing beheading and raping, crucifying, chopping all people that are not like them and destroying every cultural sites and whatever has been kept to remind us our past civilizations and cultures. They try to uproot everything while other countries like Turkey, Iran, Saudis are trying to expand and create the so called one Caliphate for their Mahdi to come and save the world.

This means that nothing will stop them to continue and expand everywhere they can worldwide and fight the Satan as they say. Kill all the infidels and make millions of babies killing afterwards their non Muslim alike them mothers.

Apart from that we have also another huge confrontation coming on from the East like Russia and the Far East China. They are getting prepared to get the US position financially and militarily. This has still time to happen if ever happens but adds threats and confusion in the picture of the World the Alliances and the Strategies we need to follow to Deter a World War 3-4.

We experience Turkey which from a secular Muslim Country has become a Radical one and with its Government is obviously moving aggressively forward to create the New Ottoman Empire. Does not stop anywhere does not listen to US anymore if this is against its target and plays in many different tables. I really wonder how NATO still consider Turkey as a member of the Alliance.

The only one left stronghold with our Basis and one jump away from Asia, North Africa and Middle East is Greece. But now we might lose Greece too. Since the Major Financial crisis 2009, for Greece her structure inside the old EU style had turned Greece to a Socialist Country with huge Government and Huge Governmental Industries and Organizations. Since 2010 Greece has received more than 300 Billion Euros as loans with tremendous austerity measures, which caused the most in Europe suffering to the middle class and the poor. The 50% of the loans were to pay the old loans and the other 50% were to pay the interest of the new loans. Nothing for development, nothing from the rich το be taken, only the middle class and the poor those who were always paying their taxes lost everything. The economy started to be competitive, but on the last elections January 2015 a far leftist party which had only the 4% received all the votes of the desperate people, because promised that will not accept further reduction of the pensions and further reductions of the salaries and will not accept to fire massive volumes employees from the Government.

At this moment Greece has paid all the billions of EURO and USD to the ECD to the IMF and other institutions since August 2014 without to receive any money as was scheduled. Now has spent everything no reserve funds left. Nothing has been left but probably only to pay for the last time the salaries and the pensions. Probably will pay IMF for June then zero left! The Government trying to pay the debtors has not paid the contractors, the medical sector, the hospitals who run out of medicins, even from first use everyday needs.

Our President Obama has repeatedly asked Ms Merkel and IMF to find a solution for Greece to get stabilized again, but nothing has happened. The PM of Greece Mr. Tsipras has many inside his party problems from the 40% far leftists, who press him not to proceed over their red lines and to not pay any debtor anymore.. At this moment Greece has come forward to line up with the most measures that the EU is asking and has prepared a plan agreement to pass through the EU Brussels Group and then if agreed to pass through the EURO GROUP and make an agreement to get some funds as has not received any funds since a year ago.

Without that can not pay any obligations to the IMF and EU, which only for the summer are over 10 billion USD.

If nothing happens and Greece defaults will be very very bad for our Alliance much worst than the EU financial Economy, as Russia is standing by to come forward and give 10 billion USD and also import all Greek agricultural products, provide gas and oil and with China together get over Greece. Also Turkey is ready to attack and get some islands from Greece in order to put its feet into the oil/gas which exist in huge quantities under the Greek waters.

The time is over, Greek people have nothing to lose anymore because they have lost everything they had. The decision is OURS here in the US. Are we ready to lose Greece from our Alliance? If not then we MUST do something strong NOW.


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