India: a global power in the making

So many headlines and analysis and reports about India lately.

Not a single day goes by without having any bit of India in magazines like The Economist, CNN, The New York Times, and incessantly reports and analysis by numerous think tanks about this country, which now even more than never in its history its poised to reach its maximum levels of power and growth and consequently, global geopolitical positioning, in the short term, surpassing China also. And with more than 7% of growth on a monthly basis, it toppled China already on this field, right now being the highest growing economy in the BRICS group, and with an assertive foreign policy now, New Delhi desires to become the new tough guy in the Asian continent. And also is becoming one of the most energy consuming country in the world, with a growing energy industry culture and a huge commercial culture as well from a long time.

But not everything is good on the road and not everything shines, as Delhi confronts delicate issues at home, such as permanent social divides in the largest democracy in the world, having still the perverse system of castes and untouchables in the Indian society; at the same time, there is remnants of muslim-hindu clashes and confrontations often promoted and carried out by ultranationalist factors in the country, contrary to the general stability of the country. A the same time, there is the issue of the Naxalites as some permanent yet at the same time not continuous social and political issue confronting the State and the government of Mr Narendra Modi. Also, the regional geopolitics and context won’t be easy for India to face, as there are many hurdles and obstacles, like China being a giant, Pakistan (a longstanding love/hate relationship), and also competitors like Myanmar (one of the next energy boom in southeast Asia), Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, all of them huge competitors and also Australia, and Russia as well, and still having the Kashmir issue on the table. And India wants to have its very own piece of the share of all this geopolitical area, as well as being the main player in the Indian Ocean as well. Although this doesn’t prevent it to assume a not so shy foreign policy in areas as remote as South America, and conquering spaces in mechanisms like  the BRICS, etc, and surprisingly, having a strong Diaspora all around the world, specifically in the US and the Caribbean.

India today is not only the country of BOLLYWOOD, the country home of the call centers, but now is the next global power in a slow motion and making, promoting an image of self assurance, with strong cultural roots, and definitely with a huge desire to lead and participate in the new multipolar world that’s in the making.

Jose Chalhoub
Jose Chalhoub
Political risks and oil analyst with experience in Venezuela oil industry focused on intersection of geopolitical risks and oil markets.