Hillary Clinton is running

As if she is walking to her big political time during her entire life.

On Sunday 13/4, former First Lady and former Secretary of State, announced, what she barely managed to hide during Obama’s presidency, the beginning of her electoral campaign.

Almost one year beforehand the elections, Hilary Clinton, launched, officially, her campaign. Her electoral campaign has been merely initiated with “Ready for Hillary”, whose basic strategy aim has been the structuring of the campaign, the volunteers and generally the message to be conveyed.

Republicans, immediately, experienced scathing criticism against Hillary Clinton. She has the first mover advantage. Republicans still face difficult internal party conditions, given the undisturbed right-wing expression. Jed Bush has potential and has already started to develop juxtaposition in close level with Hillary Clinton. Republicans know that they go for centrist candidate to front Clinton.

Hillary is powerful public face worldwide, capable of raising both positive and negative feelings. She has retained as human capital, the supporters from 2008 and due to lack of intra party challenge, she will, smoothly, gains wide support from the beginning. The Democratic party will rally around Clinton more easily than they rallied around Obama in 2008.

The cohesion of her family and the political picture of this family are disrupted. The political legacy of Bill Clinton seems, after years, to be the decisive factor determining the former President.

Although in 2008, she presented a tough opponent to Barack Obama and although they gave a polarized and intense intra party political struggle, she managed to defeat with political arguments and called the fight to victory of the party, beside Obama.

Clinton, with great perspicacity, has not stopped imagine her political aim of leadership, namely the survival of the target, through her successful policy path over the next eight years. She bravely cooperated and with the Obama presidency and she constructed a new US foreign policy. From the beginning she created the political legacy, which would be her vehicle to the next presidential struggle.

She served the Department for four years and then she focused on a fundamental restructuring and strengthening of her political image and status. She has ensured the anointing and she engaged in building agenda.

With a TV spot, she attempts to approach the middle class. The middle class, has, essentially deprived her anointing in 2008.

Back then, Barack Obama managed to excite and convince the public for his ability to reach out effectively and with sensitivity the problems of the middle class. This was right and honest and it could have been achieved more widely, unless the high political problems had dominated the public agenda and the political capital had diffused to other directions.

The moment, now, seems more correct to Hillary Clinton running.

It’s time for tough decisions and Clinton seems to can get. The field of economic policy and foreign policy face vital difficulties, which create social insecurity.

Public opinion in US will seek safety in these elections, because the economy has not been fully recovered and the foreign policy seems uncertain. If public opinion, in such moments, seeks for more conservative policies, this means that Clinton must present herself as capable to make decisions and defend the nation of the United States. The main issues that constitute the current blazing public agenda are the insecure employment conditions, the vision for economic growth, the tax policy, the immigration policy, the health system, human rights.

There is the common sense that the next four years will be critical. The next leader of the free world will be the political person who would convince for his ability to lead the politics of the whole world in security and prosperity. Management of everyday life is a political issue, but it must always be part of the wider policy.

The economic policy of Obama seems to be contrary to what Clinton believes. The foreign policy of the last four years seems to be milder compared to the political thought of Clinton. Diversification with the Obama administration will be given. Respect, in what Obama leaves must also be given.

It is difficult for Clinton to try for support for Obama’s policy and win the election by a hard, intelligent, Republican, who carries a decent agenda.

She should support the dominant, even ethical, values of the average American, highlighting her progressiveness on human rights and economic development policy, which policy imposes, as she knows, low taxes. She should address the global audience, as if she is the one to manage and safeguard the liberal values of the world.

By no means, there is a pretty good chance for her leadership.

Veni Mouzakiari
Veni Mouzakiari
Phd Candidate at the department of International and European Studies, University of Macedonia. Political consultant