Farhad H. Abdullah

Farhad H. Abdullah

Farhad H. Aabdullah obtained his MA in Strategic and Defense Studies at Malaya University in Malaysia. Farhad is currently a lecturer at the University of Sulaimani, Faculty of Law and Politics, Department of Politics and International Relations. He has published policy papers in Modern Diplomacy, Masher Politics & Culture, Journal, and Foreign Policy News. He is a Strategic expert and observer on Kurdish affairs.

There has been considerable tension between the Kurdistan region and the Iraqi central government, after Kurdistan to hold a referendum on the independence of the region from the Center that caused resentment of Baghdad, which tried with neighboring countries to pressure Kurdistan to cancel the results of the referendum.

The Iraqi parliament voted by majority to reject the Kurdish referendum on the independence that holds on September 25 and authorized the Prime Minister Haider Abadi to take measures that preserve the unity of the country. Off course, measures do not include military actions against and clash with the Peshmerga forces, simply because it will be against Iraqi constitution and bilateral conventions between the United States and Iraq.

Despite the opposition of the central government in Baghdad, Kurdish political parties agreed to hold a referendum in the region on September 25th, 2017. The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) said that the referendum includes disputed areas, such as oil-rich province of Kirkuk, which is claimed by the Kurds and Baghdad.