Amina Maaloum

Amina Maaloum

Amina Maaloum is preparing an MA in International Politics at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland. Her studies focus mainly on international security, transition from conflict to peace and international law. She was born and raised in France and comes from a Moroccan and British family. She previously interned at the Council of Europe Steering Committee for Human Rights (CDDH) and participated in volunteering experiences abroad through local NGO’s providing youth with ethical leadership. She is now interning at UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Europe and North America Unit.

The theory of Good Governance (GG) relies on the belief an effective government builds upon the criteria of transparency and accountability. Moreover, government brings together the formal institutions of the state and their monopoly of legitimate coercive power (Stoker, 1998). The post-colonialism era left many states in a situation of civil war, bankruptcy and corruption, where an alliance of elites controlled the country’s main resources and wealth, which led to persistent inequalities and divisions within a country (Henderson, Stalker, 2000).


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